Thursday, March 5, 2015

Long awaited pictures of Maliha's newborns

Good morning from Cherished Siberians,  I have gotten some pictures of the 3 kittens Maliha had at the end of February.

Here's our three nursing.

 And kinda hangin' out with mommy.  Doesn't she look contented and sweet?!

 Napping in a pile next to mommy.

 Here's the little white boy.  He looks like he will be a Flame Point.  But time will tell his true colors.

 And our big boy.  A Black Tabby with White.  A Tuxedo coloring. (smile)

And our big Blue Tabby girl.  She's got very good coloring.

Maliha had two large babies and one regular sized.  Maybe that's why she only had 3 (haha).  And, of course, that will not fill all 30 on the waiting list.  BUT    Hoko is due in 2 weeks or less.  And Blue Ridge Siberians is expecting kittens in a week.  So contact my friend, Kim about those as well.

     Right now Culpeper, Va. is getting pelted with snow.  Again.   We are predicted to get 8 to 12 inches today.  So far it is doing a pretty good job of it.   Come on Spring!!
     If you are snowed in today as well, make good use of your time and clean out closets or do a sewing project or bake bread and make soup.  All the things I love to do when I get a snowed in day.  I am doing most of them this winter.     Bye for now.

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