Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pictures of the kittens for their adopted families.

Of course, Maliha's three have been adopted already.  And I know there were still so many of you who wanted a kitten.   But Hoko is about to deliver any day now.  I am sleeping by her at night and hoping it will not be much longer now.

     Here are some adorable pictures of the three for the families who have adopted them.  It is a sure thing that they will get to see them here.  Sometimes sending pictures via phones, don't always work so well. (smile)

Our little Black Tabby with White.   Remember if you have names picked out, let me know so I can start calling them by their names right away.

He is definitely a little Flame Point cutie.  With those wonderful blue eyes.  See his fat little tummy?    Well fed little babies.

And our sweet little Blue Tabby girl.  She wouldn't let me get good pictures on the stand , so I had to get pictures on my bed.  Her eyes really stand out.  Such a good girl.

SO, I hope everyone enjoyed the updated pictures of our 3.  And as soon as Hoko has hers, I'll be sending photos a few days later as well.
     Keep posted.  (smile)

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