Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hoko's kitten pictures

Good morning from Cherished Siberians in /Culpeper, Va.  It is finally trying to warm up a bit and it feels so nice.
     I know everyone has been wondering if I've fallen off the face of the earth...but Hoko has been so possessive of this litter of kittens, if I try to take a picture of one, she jumps up there and takes the kitten back into the box.  She gets very upset if I even try to pet them.  That's not usually how she is, but I don't want to upset the cart with them being this young yet.  Here are a few group shots ok?

So they are adorable and they are growing and eating and getting bigger.  And in a few more days' time they should be getting their eyes open.  And soon after I will try to get individual pictures of these babies to you.  I don't understand Hoko's demeanor right now, but I'm going to flow with it, (since she has the power of mother's milk for the babies) haha,  I don't want her rejecting any kittens this tiny.

   All four of the girls were snatched up immediately and I have 2 boys left to find homes for, but I am still working on my waiting list first.  Then I'll let you know if there are any left to the public after that.  In another month Gracie can get pregnant again and either this next litter or possibly one more after that will be her final litter before she is retired.  She already has a forever home set up for her.  She is going to be one spoiled cat in her new home, I can tell from talking with her future mom.  I am VERY happy about that.

       Maliha's litter is 6 weeks old now and getting into everything. Can't keep them contained in a small area in my room any more.  Time to kitten musical chairs.  Hoko's will come in my room and Maliha's will go into the living room.....(who am I kidding, I should just say the cat room) where they have run of the room, kitty climb on areas and lots of light and play areas.

All 3 of Maliha's have homes.  They are just waiting to get old enough to go  with their new families.  It's so exciting to see the love flowing back and forth when people pick up their babies.  I love it.

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