Friday, April 10, 2015

HOKO's six kittens pictures

Hoko has been keeping a tight reign on her little brood.  But finally relaxed enough that I could get some pictures of the little babies.

These two were adopted together and will be happy to have a sibling to go home with.  They are doing very well.

And this little one was adopted as well.  She is going to make a little girl very happy.

And this little one was sold as a little girl, but it turns out HE has revealed himself  as a boy.  It is sometimes so hard to tell, even for a vet.  I had to take one to the vet to make sure of its' gender before and it took 2 vet doctors to determine the gender.  So I don't feel so bad about not getting it right all the time when even the vets have the same problems. (smile)  We can only do our best.  SO, the thing is I don't know if they will accept him or if he will be available for adoption soon.  I'll let you know as soon as I know.

And these last two boys the Blue Tabby and the Black Tabby are both still available for adoption.  They are all doing wonderfully well.  Developing and growing like they should and are full of fun.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.  And call 540-727-8950 to adopt any of the ones still available.  Cherished Siberians

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