Monday, January 18, 2016

Oh my goodness,  I thought I had published this blog post 2 weeks ago.  I am so sorry folks, I came in and found this sitting in the drafts section and couldn't believe it.  I am so sorry to all of you who were looking for this posting earlier.  I know I had everyone expecting cat pictures of those who have gone to their loving homes and sent pictures back to me.  So here are a few.

Good morning from Cherished Siberians.  I am trying to post pictures of cats and kittens from my past litters that people have sent me to show how the cats are growing.  And how beautiful they all are.  I love to get updates and pictures of the kittens I have sent home with families who truly love their new babies.

Such a sweet face.     And such a beautiful kitten.
You may remember seeing some of these characters on my blog as babies.  Now they are in their loving homes and enjoying life.  As you can well see. (smile)

This kitten is so chill and relaxed.  Such a Kool Kat.

In  loving arms.

Cuddling up with his new small friend in her bed.  

Not something I would advocate {letting kitty on my kitchen counter}  but close to "Mom" is always the best place to be.

Spoiled Kitty,  just what I like to see.  {hee hee}

Such a pretty kitty.  Looks so content.

Looks like someone else likes to stretch out on the bed too.   Either that or he's been taught to 'Play Dead.'

Oh my, another counter

                     And a shoe hoarder.  Well some develop habits.....

A couple more shots of adventurous, industrious kitties on the move.  Well , in their dreams.

These are not all the pictures , by far, but if you'd like to add to our gallery and would like your pictures posted, please send pictures in beautiful and funny poses and let me know it is okay to post them on the blog.
     That's all from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va. for today.  Have a humerous and wonderful. day.