Saturday, February 13, 2016

Kittens are Coming!!!!

     BBBBBRRRRR it is COLD outside.   Only 20 degrees so far.  And supposed to get colder today as we go along.
     But indoors we are expecting kittens by the second week in March.  Maliha is expecting a litter.  She looks good, is acting healthy and happy and is getting rounder and fuller.  So she IS expecting.
     Hoko should be 3 weeks behind her IF she is pregnant.  Time will tell.
     Kassandra will be old enough to Queen in July of this year.  So she will be a hopeful soon as well.  She has grown into a beautiful, sweet, happy girl who purrs when you walk into the room.  She is so gorgeous.  
     My camera has kinda gone bezerk, so I will try to get some pictures of the girls as soon as I can.
BUT, this was just a note to let you know there is hope for kittens real soon.  I do have a waiting list, but it is smaller than in the past.  So you do have a chance of getting one sooner.  If you have been on my waiting list in the past and couldn't get one when it was your turn and are still interested, please contact me again to get your name reactivated.  And if you would like to be put on the wait list please let me know as soon as possible.
     Ok , gentle folk, I will let you know when the babies are born and what colors and sexes we have as soon as I can.  But til then, keep WARM and cozy (dreaming about your kitten being beside you or in your lap keeping you warm too)  until this cold spell moves out.  Thank you for checking on Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.    Have a Fabulous Day.