Friday, October 26, 2018

New Kitten Announcement

Hello everbody.  I have some new pictures to post for the litters.

First here's Namby, who I have renamed Andy. He's laying on my bed next to Maliha.

He is 17 weeks old now. And he needs a loving home.  He is soft as velvet and sweet and playful.  He has beautiful markings on his face and lots of White to offset his Blue on his coat. 

And Then....

 Here are new pictures of DREAMER'S three.  Two are females and one is a male.

The dark faced beauty laying next to DREAMER is a little Bluepoint Girl.

The Colorpoint with white paws is another little Girl.

And the Colorpoint with the dark nose is a little Boy.

Originally I thought I had 3 girls.  But it is obvious now that he is a Boy.

All three of these lovely kittens are available now.  They will go home November 29th. at 10 weeks of age.

And Then......

From HONEY'S litter there are only these two left.

 SVEN                                                                                                      SVEN

                                       Still SVEN
 Cute little dickens isn't he???  Is so playful.  He is so much fun to watch.

                                                          AND his brother LARK

   LARK                                                                                                                  LARK

Such a beautiful boy.  And sweet and cuddles and purrs. Jumps up into my lap to watch TV.
He is quite the companion.

And now....drumroll.......I've been holding out on you......

HOKO had 5 kittens!!!   And they will be my December babies.  They will be able to go home December 9th.

They are all 5 Colorpoints

They are well and healthy.

HOKO is an excellent Mama and well seasoned in taking care of her young.

                                                 SO CUTE.

                                  But already very bad...they steal...they've stolen MY heart already.


So please call 540-727-8950 to call me directly or contact me at for more details about any of the available kittens.

     I have only one more to show and he is SOPHIA'S little boy, but someone scooped him up very early on and SOPHIA only had one kitten.  A very LARGE one kitten, but he is affectionate and playful and wonderful.  They have a very good kitten here.  They named him "Ivan"

SO, that's all for now, folks.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing all our babies here now.
And for all those who have taken my recent babies home, thank you for the loving homes you have given the babies and the wonderful pictures you send back to me with updates on how they are doing. I really appreciate that.

So good day for now and call me with your request for the baby of your choice and we will reserve that one for you with a deposit and a verbal handshake (smile)  Have a lovely evening and a wonderful day tomorrow.

Friday, October 12, 2018

ABIGAIL'S Last Remaining Kitten

This spectacularly lovely boy is ABIGAIL'S son.  He is the last of his litter and he is wondering what he did that he hasn't gotten a home yet.  I told him not to worry, his family is out there and making sure he will have the best of everything before contacting me.  He is playful and , as you can see, really gorgeous.  He loves when I put my hand under a blanket and he attacks the movement under the blanket.

                                             ABIGAIL'S  boy

Ready for adoption today.

Such a cutie.  Look at all that White with the Blue framing his face.  Beautiful.

On my bed.  Waiting for me to pet him.

STILL  WAITING......heeheehee....I was taking his picture.

With Grandma.....MALIHA  (now retired)

Hey, watch it there...don't eat my slippers.


HEY...Whatcha waiting for??? I want to go home with you.   Can I, can I, can I???

Call my Lady at 540-727-8950,  She'll answer the phone, she won't let me get it. 

HONEY'S Little Ones

 Here is Tasha eating from the plate with Bonnie behind her. And Sven next to Bonnie and Lark playing with the wand.  They are so sweet and at 10 weeks old, are ready to go home with you today.

Eating can be a challenge with four in a dish. (actually they each had their own dish earlier, this was a snack that another cat didn't eat, so I gave it to them to eat up.)

SVEN and LARK playing.

Everyone making sure every drop of food was gone. ( haha)





These playful bundles of love are just waiting for you to carry them home.  
Contact me by phone (540) 727-8950
Or E-mail