Thursday, October 4, 2018


WELL...a LOT has been going on at Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.!  There is only one kitten left from ABIGAIL'S litter, a Blue W/ White boy.  He has gotten extremely friendly and playful since all his siblings have gone home.  His shyness has decreased and he is sweet.

Namby is a special little boy,  And he would love to
go home with someone today.  He is now 14 weeks old.  And can go with you today.

AND.....HONEY had 5 kittens. July 29th.  So these little guys are about ready to fly the coop as well.  They go home this week.  She had  2 boys and 3 girls.  Let me introduce you......

This is Bonnie, because she is a bonnie little lass..heeheee.

This is Sven.  He is adorable, isn't he??  And one of my 2 boys.

This is Tasha, her fur is a little darker over her "boots" than her almost identical sibling.........

TIANNA.........These two MAY already have a home.  I will know Saturday evening for sure whether one or both are going to this home.

And that leaves.........
 other little boy. and such a dreamboat.

They have all gone to the Vet. yesterday and are all healthy and doing great.  All got a clean bill of health.

Please call if any of these babies have claimed your heart.  540-727-8950, or see

AND  My daughter and I went to JAPAN for 8 days.  Not to worry, I had a really good babysitter while I was gone.  And everybody is happy.  We had a great time.  Not touristy sites, just visiting friends and seeing the real, everyday, Japanese lifestyle.

BEFORE we left.  Sophia had her one lone kitten.  And this baby was very big.  And still is.  He has a home already and is now 5 weeks old and walking all over the place and playing.  So cute.

And to be honest, I still cannot be sure if it is a girl or a boy.  The Vet will have to let me know on this one.  But he won't be going to the Vet for 3 more weeks, so maybe by that time the reveal will be obvious. (smile) He goes home November 8th.


DREAMER had her litter.  She had 3 Colorpoint girls.  So all those who wanted a female kitten, that is good news to your ears, I know.  They will be going home November 29th.

She had them in a birthing box  in a closet, so these pictures came out a bit grainy and darker, but, they will be up and around before you know it.  So more pictures then.
None of these girls are spoken for.  Well,,,because I didn't let anyone know they were born yet.  lol.
But these girls would definitely love a home.  A phone call confirming which one you prefer and a $200. deposit, ( non-refundable, but goes towards your balance.) keeps the baby as yours.

Please keep checking my blog ,, and I am sorry it took so long to catch everybody up, but seriously, I have been a busy lady.  hahaha.  So many sweet babies here.  So much fun too. Call soon to reserve your choice of  babies for your home.

That's it for today from Cherished Siberians in Japan, no, no, I am kidding, I am still in Culpeper, Va.

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