Friday, October 12, 2018

ABIGAIL'S Last Remaining Kitten

This spectacularly lovely boy is ABIGAIL'S son.  He is the last of his litter and he is wondering what he did that he hasn't gotten a home yet.  I told him not to worry, his family is out there and making sure he will have the best of everything before contacting me.  He is playful and , as you can see, really gorgeous.  He loves when I put my hand under a blanket and he attacks the movement under the blanket.

                                             ABIGAIL'S  boy

Ready for adoption today.

Such a cutie.  Look at all that White with the Blue framing his face.  Beautiful.

On my bed.  Waiting for me to pet him.

STILL  WAITING......heeheehee....I was taking his picture.

With Grandma.....MALIHA  (now retired)

Hey, watch it there...don't eat my slippers.


HEY...Whatcha waiting for??? I want to go home with you.   Can I, can I, can I???

Call my Lady at 540-727-8950,  She'll answer the phone, she won't let me get it. 

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