Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Good morning to all.  Can you believe it is 60's outside today ???  The end of February, who would've thought it?  Haha.  I know I am just going to enjoy the day.

    Well, HONEY's  four little ones now have homes.

Colorpoint Boy---the lighter of the 2---- adopted by V.C.

Colorpoint Boy---the darker of the 2---- adopted by J.L.

Colorpoint Girl--- adopted by S.C.

Blue W/White Girl--- adopted by D.B.

I think I went through 34 on my waiting list to get these 4 adopted.  Some cannot adopt at the time of my call.    And that is encouraging to those on the list who thought they may be too far down to get a kitten.

ABIGAIL is due to deliver this weekend.  What will she have???  It's always a surprise.  I was super surprised at HONEY having so many colorpoints.  She is usually good for mostly colorful kittens.  But with Garreth as the Daddy, it was bound to happen sometime.  Fortunately he is  a big, beautiful, strong Siberian boy,  So his kittens are very lovely.

I have a few pictures from a few days after the kittens' birth.  And a few from today after their eyes have opened.  I just put the two girls together and the two boys together, because HONEY was not at all happy with me taking her babies and putting them on the chair to take pictures.


Pretty little Colorpoint girl.

So pretty, little Black W/ White girl.

1st  Colorpoint boy (lighter)

Colorpoint boy (darker)

These were just days after they were born. pictures I took today with their eyes open are not showing up yet so I can use them, so I will try again later today.  My computer wants to do an "update", so maybe that is the problem.  I usually find so many problems after most of these stinkin' "updates", I wish they would just leave it alone already.  ok, rant is over.

  Check later today or tomorrow and hopefully the newest pictures will  be available to use by then.

And remember, if you're on the waiting list, ABIGAIL will be delivering this weekend and DREAMER in March.  So heads up and hearts full, let's see what the future holds for all of you.

Have a lovely day, and go outside and soak up a few beautiful , warm sunrays.

Doreene Richmond

Cherished Siberians

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville,Va 22567


Tuesday, February 16, 2021

COMMENTS Button Discovery

Ok folks, do you want to know how old I am???  How long have I been using this blog site?!!!?

I was just looking at a lot of things on the side bars and I saw the "comments" and clicked on it and I had 36 comments and questions from 2016 and on up.  Now , fortunately, I recognized a bunch of the names and you found me by calling the phone number on the blogspot, and most got their kittens from me.  But I must apologize to a few who must have thought it was impossible to contact me.  And boy do I feel old and stupid right now.

  Alright, if you can stop laughing long enough... I plan on checking out this "comment" section on a regular basis now that I have discovered it.   And those that felt snubbed or ignored....please forgive me.   As someone who contacted me about kittens said in her e-mail:  " I'm trainable".

   I haven't figured out how to respond using that section yet.  I've clicked on everything I can see there, but nothing lets me type a message back.  I'll keep playing with it and I'll ask my daughter.

Hope this cheered you up and made you feel smarter today (hahaahaa)

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield R

Unionville,Va. 22567


HONEY's Kittens Were Born

 Good Morning from Cherished Siberians in Unionville, Va.

HONEY had 4 kittens from 1 a.m. til about 5 a.m. Saturday morning Feb 13th.  I have begun the process of calling ones on my list. So far no one has adopted a kitten.  So I am continuing to go down the line on of my waiting list.  I currently have about 123 on the waiting list ( now dwindling a few) and I know there are anxious hearts out there. But bear with me as I continue my task.  I have a few pictures and I did the best I could because HONEY decided to have them under the chair.  So not good lighting to get the pictures I hoped for.  But I did actually get 2 shots of each kitten when HONEY was busy eating.  I actually did a whole blog post on Monday, but when I came on here today it shows no blog page was posted.  I am sorry, and I don't know how that happened.  But here are the pictures (again---haha)

Here is the first kitten , a little  boy.  He is a Colorpoint.

I am 93 %  sure this Blue W/ White is a girl.

 This little one is also a boy.  He is a Colorpoint.

And the 4th little one is a girl.  She is a Colorpoint.

Of course, I cannot tell what color the points will be yet.  Their coloring will come in , in the weeks to follow.

HONEY is a really good , loving mommy.

Two of the Colorpoints, and HONEY is trying to hide them with her paws.

HONEY touches the little ones to direct them back toward her if they are crying.  Or sometimes just to touch them and connect with them.

She is pretty happy with her little brood.  Look at those eyes so full of love.

OK, she's a little tired of me bothering her with her kittens.  You can see it in her face. (haha)

Now she's just going to hide them from me with her paws and body.

 Kind of a  bad angle, makes the Colorpoint look huge and he's not, he is tiny. (smile)

OOOps somebody flipped over their own belly.

Cuddles and kisses.

"OK, I'm done now, please go away."     OK, HONEY,  thank you for letting us enjoy your babies.


And I hope you DID enjoy seeing these little ones.

At this point I can offer a girl or boy kitten with only one person getting a kitten of color.  Which is odd for HONEY and ABIGAIL, they are my only hopes for kittens of color.  And usually they deliver a variety of colors for me.  But nature makes its own rules.   It's ok, we love these kittens so much.

Have a fabulous day.  And stay dry if you can, this weather is so crazy.

Thank you for joining me today.  Bye for now.

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville,Va. 22567