Friday, December 27, 2013

Good Morning from Culpeper, Va.'s Cherished Siberians.
     STILL, no kittens for me.  But I have had Gracie and Maliha with Joey and will know in a few weeks if we have kittens on the horizon.   I'll keep you posted.  
    Kim Capes' kittens are gone also.  So we are all waiting for kittens to come in the future.  We will keep you posted on upcoming litters to hopefully be here soon.
Maliha is at the top, my calico princess, and Gracie is here at the bottom with her beautiful jade green eyes. WOW.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Hello today, from Culpeper, Va. And Cherished Siberians.   I am beginning to get a complex.  First, I thought Gracie was pregnant and she turned out not to be.  But didn't ever seem to go back into heat.  So no kittens there.  Then I thought, "That's ok, Maliha surely is pregnant." And she went back into heat this week.  So SHE is not having kittens.  Oh my, did anyone ever hear of someone who couldn't get CATS pregnant?  This is why I'm beginning to get a complex.  BUT I have both girls out with Joey and hopefully they will be in the family way soon.  But I won't even know until the end of January, now.   I was really hoping to have some kittens for you guys before the end of the year.  My girls are not cooperating.
    Good news on the horizon is, though, that my associate Kim Capes has 10 kittens left out of 15 and you may contact her via phone since her web site is down again.  Please call me or her about the kittens.  Mine is 540-727-8950 ; hers is 540-229-4251.  She has beautiful little ones and they are all doing very well.  If she forwards some pictures to me, I will post them.  Ok?  Til then, I guess, I'll just have to keep tabs on the girls and let you know if one or both are having kittens by the end of Feb., beginning of March.
     Hope you are all doing well and keeping in good health this time of year.  Bye for now.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hello from Culpeper, Va.  It is one huge ice cube outside.  Ice is hanging from the trees, lines and wires outside and we had a huge explosion and a car wreck out front of our house this morning. (I think the ice got to a transformer) The neighbor was fine, his car slipped out on the ice.  Hope your day started off warm and fuzzy.
     SADLY,  Gracie was not pregnant after all.  And my next hopeful is Maliha, who is presenting with all the emotional and fatigue signs of being pregnant that she displayed her first litter.  So there is hope in her.  She would be due in 7 more weeks.
     HOWEVER, GOOD NEWS  for kittens is still present.  My associate, who taught me the ropes, Kim Capes at Blue Ridge Siberians has 15 kittens right now and you may contact her through her link or through me as well, but I'll just give you her contact information, so you could do that too.
     Looking back at pictures on my blog you can see Maliha's litter and the colorings that hers had.  If you wish to wait for one of hers, I do believe, that you will get mellow, fun loving, and beautiful kittens.  The customers who got her kittens sent many praises for their personalities and how much they loved them.   I have purchased Maliha as my own breeder now, so you'll have my full guarantee that you'll love them or bring them back in 10 days.  I still do allergy testing in my home if you wish (closer to her time of delivery or after) to come visit the cattery and test your allergies with the Siberian Breed.  I have 4 adult cats in my home now and (hopefully) kittens by Maliha soon.
    For those locally in the Northern Virginia region, stay in if you can at all, and stay safe with all the ice outside.  Fortunately between today and tomorrow it should all be melted away. We, at Cherished Siberians wish you well, warmth and safety until the thaw. (smile)  Have a great wintery day.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

 Hello, It has been too long since I've written on my blog.  But things seem to be hectic around here for the past month.
    Here are my four who are left with me now.  I have Gracie as a breeder, and Hoko, who is going to be my newest breeder girl, and Maliha who has had one litter and she is such a loving and excellent mother.
     And then there is Toby, my pet, who used to be a stud male, but he had to be retired.  Now he's just my great big baby boy.
     I am hoping and praying that Gracie is pregnant now.  She will be showing and then I'll know for sure in about 4 to 5 more weeks.  I will be soooo happy if she is pregnant.  She is so very soft and all her kittens felt like a mink coat.  So very very soft. Hoko is one of her kittens and she will be old enough to breed come February or March.
     Akimi had her operation on Oct. 9th and recovered and is now a happy house cat with her new parents in N'rn. Va, And she is adjusting to her new home and family so quickly,
I was so proud of her.  She jumps in their laps and purrs and it seems she is quite content.  She is an only kitty in a household without children, so she is the soul focus of her new parents.  This was THE ideal situation for her.  She craves attention.
    So in order down the picture line, I have Gracie, then Hoko, then my little princess Maliha, then Toby, then Gracie again, then Hoko again, a couple of grainy pictures one of Toby one of Maliha, sorry about that, I don't know why my I-phone did that.  Then the one on the left is Akimi right before she went to her new home.
    So  Cherished Siberians is still a full house.  And if Gracie is pregnant.....we are growing as we speak
     Culpeper has gotten so cold lately, and really fast too.  Is it the same everywhere this year? I wonder.  I've also heard it is supposed to be a "snowmageddon" year.  Yikes, I'm noready for this.  I'm not much for cold. Brrrr.  Stay warm until The next time.    Meow.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello, from Cherished Siberians, and Culpeper, Va.  It has been lazy and quiet among the cats in the house.
  Akimi has found an new home with very loving parents.  She is going for her spaying on Oct. 9th, so she can become a wonderful pet and she doesn't have to have more kittens, when she doesn't like being a mommy.
     Maliha, on the other hand LOVED being a mommy , as does Gracie, so I cannot wait for them to have their next sets of kittens.  Nature has to take its course and they have to go into heat, which during the winter slows down.  So I am anxiously waiting signs to get them with "Joey" from Blue Ridge Siberians.  He is my  Toby's brother - one litter removed.  And he is such a sweet boy.  I love, love, love this cat.  He is impressive to look at too.  I will get pictures when he comes over.
     Oh yes, I am getting a new outdoor area for the males to go into, so I will be taking care of Joey right here in Culpeper.  Thank you Kim, of Blue Ridge Siberians , for letting me care for the boys and helping me get the little house for them.
     Til another day, then, I will sign off for now.  And , yes I know, I need to get more pictures for you.  I'm on it!

Friday, September 6, 2013

More on Health Issues..Just FYI

     Good morning.  And a busy morning it has been already at Cherished Siberians.  I have fed all the cats and cooked my own breakfast.  Sent a daughter off to work (well, ok, she does that on her own)  and run out to do an errand.  It will soon be 9 a.m.
     Last blog I started telling you about diseases that we test for in our cats before we breed them.  Another one is Feline acquired immune deficiency syndrome (FAIDS)  a condition that seems to be induced by FeLV. The immune system doesn't work right. Then the cats tend to get every concievable infection.  And can lead to cases of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP).  And can cause respiratory infections, recurrent abscesses, and many other infections.  It is not passed on to other species.
   Feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR) is an upper respiratory disease.  Sneezing, discharge from eyes and nose, redness around the eyes.  They dehydrate quickly, and frequently have no appetite. Then may come pneumonia, which can kill.  Especially bad in the young.
     Ok, earlier we mentioned FeLV  that is particularly nasty, it can cause immune system suppression, which we've already discussed can cause so many illnesses,  it can cause severe anemia, and cancer of the lymph glands, bones, nerves, lungs, gastrointestinal tracts, and kidneys.  (nice, huh?)   It can be contracted through a wound or other physical contact with infected cats.  It can even be given to kittens from the mother.  Blood tests can detect FeLV, but it can be hard to diagnose, it is unpredictable so its good to talk to your vet to get more understanding of this one.
     So....enough of the gross, (smile).  We do vaccinate our cats and kittens before you take one home with you and send you home with a schedule to take to your vet to continue their health regime.  I can't wait to get another set of kittens to play with and watch.  I am hoping one of my girls goes into heat soon.  I'll keep you posted.
     Enjoy the weather today.  It has started off cool and pleasant today in Culpeper, Va. and I for one am enjoying the slight coolness.   So good health to you and to felines everywhere.  Good Day.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cherished Siberians
This is "HOKO"  my newest breeder girl.  She is from Gracie's litter.  She is beautiful and as soft as a mink coat.  Just like her mom  Gracie.

Here she is , just chillin' on the couch arm next to a couch pillow.  Relaxed.

You know in breeding, we must test for many diseases and viruses and protect our cats, kittens and cattery from them.  One is the Feline  panleukopenia virus (FPV) which is cat distemper or feline enteritis. It is especially fatal in young kittens, but it can cause death at any age.  In very young kittens, the disease is often overwhelming; a kitten may appear normal one moment and become lethargic and limp a few hours later.  Within a few more hours, the infected kitten may be comatose or even dead.  In older cats, the symptoms usually include severe diarhhea, vomiting, and dehydration.
    A series of vaccinations against panleukopenia is recommended for all kittens, beginning by eight to ten weeks of age.  Annual boosters are essential.
    We do vaccinate our cats at our cattery here at Cherished Siberians.
We also vaccinate our kittens before they go home with their new parents.  and there will be more on other diseases and viruses that we protect against on future blogs. 
     Enjoy your day today.  Looks like Culpeper, Va. is clearing up to be a pleasant day. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

A sleepy day at Cherished Siberians

Today Gracie wakes up and looks around and its so quiet.  She has a bite to eat and then stretches out and takes a little drink.  Its so quiet.  Where is Hoko?

Oh dear, what is this?  A strange green blob has swallowed Hoko's head.  Gracie must investigate.  What has eaten my dear baby Hoko?

A walk around the green blob reveals.....Hoko fell asleep in a green hat.  Our human parent may want her hat back.  I must tell her not to let it eat my Hoko anymore.
It is still so quiet.  Where are all the playful cats in Culpeper today?
A careful walk around and search reveals

MALIHA?!!  What are you doing sleeping on my couch?  You are usually on our lady's bed when you sleep.  Did you just suddenly pass out without warning?  Maybe I should take a little closer look...

Nope, you just crawled up here and decided to fall asleep on my couch and take my nice warm spot.   Now where am I supposed to stretch out?  Gracie must look elsewhere to nap today.
So off she goes to search for a nice place to stretch out.

What is this?  Akimi is on our lady's bed. Almost asleep.  Can you play?  Do you want to go out to the living room and have lunch together?
No, Akimi is too tired.

And Akimi lays her head down that snoring?   How rude.  I was just talking to her.  Well, there is more than one cat to have lunch with.

Ahhhh, Toby.  You are awake.  What do you have in front of you?  Were you playing dress up with our human's laundry?   You have such a gleam in your eye.  Were you busy today?
Ah yes, Toby says, and now I am tired and wish to take a nice nap.  Have you noticed how quiet it is here today?  And quiet means I don't need to look out for all you girls, so I will sleep now

Well, ok, Gracie thinks.  It was a good thing  I'd eaten a snack before I went on this tour looking for someone to eat with.  So now what should I do?  All this searching for others has made me think I might have caught this feline napping disease.  Yes,  yaaawwn,  streeetchhh, yes, I shall just lay here for a moment.

I do think I may take a nap here on the cool floor,  maybe later we shall all eat and play before our next napping session.  After all Culpeper, Va. is such a busy place without us anyway.  Let the humans take care of business.  It is a cats' business to sleep and eat and purr to make our humans feel good when they come home from a hard day out.  I shall rest up for that now.  Ahh, yes, let me do that now.  It is, after all, a very sleepy day at Cherished Siberians.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm happy to be back, w/ a photo of Hoko

Good Day,  Cherished Siberians is proud to show you a picture of Hoko, my new breeder girl who I kept from Grace's litter.  She is growing into such a friendly and beautiful girl.  And soft as a mink coat, just like her mother.  I just love petting her. (smile)

Wouldn't you know she'd like to chew on a bookmark I made with a saying like that.  She is hospitable and friendly too.  Wishing you a wonderful day.
I hope everyone has been doing well. Culpeper has had some wet weather, and some nicer days also.  The cats seem to have their moods accordingly as well.  Everyones' personality gets into the act.  Hoko, being young, of course, is just all play and getting on the older ones' nerves. It is funny to see.
Stay cool and dry, and I'll send updated photos of Hoko as she grows. And the others as well.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My dear friends and followers.  I am asking you for a few days and check back with my blog then.  I have had a dear friend die recently and I am emotional.  So I will write better and cheerier when I can help their family and get myself in check as well.  I appreciate everyone who reads the blog, responds and wants a kitten and allergy testing and to talk about kittens and problems and antics and I don't want you to think I am gone for long.  Just a few days, ok?  Check back, and thank you for your understanding.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cherished Siberians is retiring Akimi soon.

A good many are asking when to expect the next litter of kittens.  Akimi, here , should be ready in a few weeks to mate.  Then 9 weeks to birth.  And 10 weeks to time for new families. So Dec/Jan.

This will be Akimi's final hurrah.  She needs to be retired, because she really doesn't like being a mommy very much.  She does take care of the kittens and makes sure they are fed and clean, but what she really needs is to find a home where she can lay across a red velvet pillow, eat from a crystal bowl and sit in someone's lap and purr and purr and purr.  You see , she is a Prima Dona, and she gets along with everyone as long as everything is done for her and done her way. (smile)  She is loving, even-tempered, and sweet.  Very cuddly and purrs as soon as you touch her.  She just loves attention.  So after this last litter for her, I will have her spayed and after healing, she will go for $600.oo.   So if you can spoil a cat rotten, she's your girl. And she deserves it.  She'll fill your heart with little purring love.

Friday, August 2, 2013

la, la, la LEAVIN' ON A JET, la, la

     OLD song, but same event (smile) Wed. morning I got Tigger, my red tabby male kitten ready to go on a plane to Boston, Mass.  The airlines require that all the bolts on a plastic carrier be removed and replaced with metal ones.  Fortunately I had nuts and bolts here at home and didn't have to buy any.  And he needed padding inside, for comfort and in case of accidents.  So I purchased "puppy pads" to take care of that.  And they require an attached water bowl.  So that was another $8.00 purchase.  That was all for the carrier.                                                                 Now for the flight plan.  I went to Charlottesville Airport and "Delta" airlines actually takes cargo "Dash" for animals.  And Tigger was less that 5 lbs. so he was able to use an extra-small carrier (which is the normal size carrier) and it cost just over $200. to send him to Boston, Mass.  Which, of course, the buyer takes care of,  Weather was a factor, so we had to wait until a cooler day to let him travel, as the airlines has weather restrictions for animal flights.  Which I appreciated, I wanted Tigger to have the most comfortable flight he could get.  And he seemed so unconcerned about the whole ordeal.  My 2 year old grandson had a more traumatic episode knowing we were leaving Tigger.  He couldn't get the concept that Tigger was flying in an airplane and going somewhere without us.  Then we went outside to the fences and watched some airplanes landing and taking off and he felt better about leaving after a little while.

     So Tigger is going to be a new breeder (when he gets older) in a nice cattery called City Siberians in Boston, Mass.  And Kim of Blue Ridge Siberians knows one of the ladies from that cattery and knew Tigger would be raised right, and lovingly, so I knew I could deal with these ladies safely.  They do all the health tests on their breeders that Kim and I do on ours.  The cats are our main concern.  Healthy, happy kittens and cats is our priority.
     OH, Kim's site is still down, so please ask me about her one remaining blue point female who is available for adoption.  She is fun loving and beautiful.
So, I guess, for today, I am signing off from Cherished Siberians, in Culpeper, Va. and hoping your weather will be dry and lovely today.  

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gracie's Siberian Kittens at 18 days

I have stairstep litters.  Each of my three girls gave birth one Monday after another. Gracie, the first of the three, has a brood that is just growing and growing.  He kittens are now two weeks and three days old.  The time has just flown by, and it never ceases to amaze me how fast they grow.

Here are some sweet little pictures I took of Gracie and her kittens:

This is the color point female:

She is already spoken for.  It looks like she will grow into her pretty grey face and white body.

Here is the color point male:

Here's our biggest kitten, the flame point male:

And our polar opposite, the smallest of the litter, a red male:

Kitten Review

Hello,  Cherished Siberians is gearing into normalcy.  I have 3 kittens left here.  Tigger is going to Boston, Mass. on Wednesday.  And "Delilah" is the new name of the kitten going home on Aug 1. And I am keeping Hoko for my new breeder, so she will grow up with me.

Remember all 4 of Akimi's kittens?  They have loving homes now.  The little color point is now "Delilah" who will go home soon.

And Maliha's 3.  They were almost the first to go to new homes.  They are well loved. They were when they were here too.  I still miss the gray girl whose new name is "Penny".  (smile)

And here's an early one of Gracie's 5.  She had the biggest litter.  She is such a great mommy.  Gracie has the most beautiful jade green eyes.
And this was Hoko in April, she is the one I am keeping, one of Gracie's kittens.  She will be my new breeder when she gets old enough.  She will be a good mommy like her mother before her.  

So now, the house is quieter, a lot cleaner and getting back to normal. (smile)  And I miss the play and the pitter patter and hissing and mewing from all the babies, but I should be doing it all over again around December or early January when new babies will be available.  Akimi will be having her last litter with me and then she will be someones pampered pet after I retire her.  She deserves a wonderful home with some parents who will spoil her rotten. (she already is ).

So with this little review I will close for today.  From Culpeper, Va. and Cherished Siberians, Have a great day and see you next blog.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ONLY one kitten left.

Here's the updated news from the "Kitten Front" at  Cherished Siberians , Cedric has found a new home and will be leaving me Thursday.  And tomorrow another kitten may be leaving me as well.  Tigger is flying to Boston, Mass. (hopefully) on Monday  and I will have Akimi's little black girl "Ami" left at home with Gracie's little blue point girl "Hoko" who I am keeping for my next breeder girl.  But Ami is sweet and loving and purrs at the drop of a pin, and loves to play and is very very cute and cuddly.
   Also, my mentor Kim Capes' site Blue Ridge Siberians is down for some reason right now, and until she gets it up and running again you can contact her through me for the next few days.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Kim has one kitten left available also.  She is a seal lynx point, female.
Arrangements can be made through me to see her kitten and/or test your allergies with her.  I don't have a picture of her right now, but I'll see if she has one for me soon.
  Well, from Culpeper, Va. and Cherished Siberians, so long for now, and ......... goodnight.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's been an absolute scorcher here in Culpeper.  Probably in all of Virginia.  Very hot and humid. 

But inside, the kittens and I are keeping cool, hydrated, and having fun.

We took some new pictures.  So here are the two kittens that are still available.

Cedric, the Blue Mackeral Male:

He has become a real joy.  He's very even tempered.  He's playful, but he is also a cuddler.  He's content to let you pick him up and just hold him and hug him - then like any kitten, he'll leap away and play. He is really a delight, and I think will grow into a wonderful family cat.

Ami, the Black Female

Ami is a difficult kitten to photograph.  Her pictures just don't do this stunning kitten justice.  Ami is fleshing out into a delicate, graceful cat.  She's a playful, wily one.  She like to play "hide and seek" cat style, running from you, then pausing to see if you come find her, and purring when you "catch" her and pick her up.  She is simply a lovely kitten with a well rounded personality.

If you would like to make either one of these kittens part of your family, please contact me.

Hope your day has been a good one.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wow, this month is just going by TOO fast.  I can't believe it's been so long since I've written on the blog.  AND I have new pictures to share of the kittens, but I have to wait until tomorrow for my daughter to teach me how to get them from my e-mail onto my blog.  I'm learning.

OK,  Tigger our red tabby male, is getting a new home in Boston , Mass.  and "Pete" went home with a new mommy, and our black male "Davonta" is in his new loving home too.  So that means I have the black girl "Ami" still available and the blue (grey) male "Cedric" available and .... that's it.  They are so cuddly and cute and love to play.  Cedric used to be so aloof, but is now blossoming into a warm, friendly , outgoing kitten who climbs up behind my head on the chair and puts his paw on my shoulder to be petted.  And Amy is going to love to be someone's lap cat.  She adores being paid attention to.   Also Kim of Blue Ridge Siberians has a blue point girl who is available, and she is BEAUTIFUL.

I believe Akimi can be mated next month. So there will be a 9 week gestation period and then 10 weeks before kittens are ready to go home.  I'll keep you posted on if she is really ready , or if I think she needs to rest a little more.  But she's already been in heat and seems ready now, but I won't let her go too early.

In the meantime, would someone please turn the heater off outside?  It is soooo hot in Culpeper, Va. right now, and no end in sight to the heatwave.So from Cherished Siberians  I am saying so long until tomorrow, when I hope to have all the new pictures up for you.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Saying goodbye is such sweet sorrow.....

Ok, where have I been?  Cherished Siberians has been very busy (trying) to keep things clean with 11 kittens and 4 adults in the house.  And getting their shots and health matters current. And I took 11 kittens to the vet for their wellness check , all at the same time.  That was fun.  The Drs. and Nurses were cooing and loving all the little kittens.  Everyone checked out very healthy and happy. All their paperwork is in order for them to be taken home.

And my blue point boy Iitchi (eetchee) went home with his new family today.  He is such a darling little boy, I know they are going to love love love him.  And tomorrow my blue lynx point little girl is going to get a new family.  And Saturday the little red tabby Pete (I call him Henry) is going to have his new home too.   So my babies are flying out of here.  All three of Maliha's kittens are sold, but they are young yet and have a few more weeks before they can fly the coop.

So  Tigger is still available.  He is so adorable.

And Akimi's litter.  The black boy and the black girl and the blue mackeral  male are 
still available.
Ami, Davonta and Cecil

ok, from Culpepr, Va,flooding and rainy, I sign off for tonight and am going to
get some much needed sleep.  

Talk to you soon.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Finally good pictures of Akimi's litter

 Akimi seems to have been left out of the picture party last month. But here are some wonderful pictures. And then follow up at Cherished Siberians to see pricing and availability of kittens.  Thanks to Kim Capes' photo capabilities she has captured the beautiful kittens in their innocence and sweetness.   

Here is Akimi's litter of 4:  1 black male, 1 black female, 1 blue point female, and one
blue lynx point male.

blue point  female

2 girls one black and one blue point 

And everybody's happy together. 

We had a great day yesterday with visitors to Cherished Siberians to view the kittens and add one to their loving home.  And another visitor arriving Saturday.  They have their favorite  picked out and they want to come see their kitten before they take him home.  So there are going to be fewer kittens available soon.  Hurry and make your choice and maybe even send in a deposit to hold the one of your choice today.  You may call 540-727-8950 to reach Cherished Siberians Cattery.      Gracie's kittens are 7 weeks old and they may go home in 3 weeks.  Akimi's kittens are 6 weeks old and may go home in 4 weeks time and Maliha's kittens are 5 weeks old and will be able to go home in 5 weeks time.  They will have been de-wormed and have their first vaccinations before going home with you.  I provide a sample of the foods we feed them and a toy in your take home package.
So for today, we sign out hoping you'll see the kittens for sale here and on the Cherished Siberians site and check for the availability of the kittens.  Bye til next time.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kittens Sold Update. Reserve Yours Today

Just a newsflash,  Maliha's blue torbie, female has sold.  And Gracie's female blue lynx female is sold, and Gracie's red color point male is sold.
     If you have a favorite kitten, that you've been looking at, you may put down a deposit to hold that one for your own.  Contact me at Cherished Siberians today.
Also, there is an older cat, under 2 years old, female, spayed and all vaccines, blue point, beautiful cat who needs a home.  Only $300.oo  Contact myself or Kim at Blue Ridge Siberians
     All the kittens are doing fine and playing and tumbling and chasing each other.  Happy little kitties. Check back soon, I need to put new pictures of Akimi's babies up.
   Have a great day, from Culpeper, Va. Cherished Siberians 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cherished Siberians' beautiful kittens...from Maliha

 These three kittens are Maliha's babies.  2 boys and 1 girl.
                    This is our very cute, blue tabby girl.  Blue eyed beauty.
        These are the two boys.  One black tabby and one red.  Blue eyed angels.
        Maliha is still owned by my mentor Kim Capes of Blue Ridge Siberians and I fostered her until this litter, after which I will procure Maliha for my own.  I really love her.  She is my lap cat.  And had beautiful kittens, you can well see.
 Isn't he gorgeous?  And he seems to know it.  Cherished Siberians is proud to be caring for all 3 of Maliha's kittens.  They will be available to go home in 5 more weeks.  Until then contact Doreene at Cherished Siberians or  Kim at Blue Ridge Siberians to set up deposits, allergy testing, and payment arrangements.
  Our little girl is saying goodbye for today.  But come and play with us.