Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wow, this month is just going by TOO fast.  I can't believe it's been so long since I've written on the blog.  AND I have new pictures to share of the kittens, but I have to wait until tomorrow for my daughter to teach me how to get them from my e-mail onto my blog.  I'm learning.

OK,  Tigger our red tabby male, is getting a new home in Boston , Mass.  and "Pete" went home with a new mommy, and our black male "Davonta" is in his new loving home too.  So that means I have the black girl "Ami" still available and the blue (grey) male "Cedric" available and .... that's it.  They are so cuddly and cute and love to play.  Cedric used to be so aloof, but is now blossoming into a warm, friendly , outgoing kitten who climbs up behind my head on the chair and puts his paw on my shoulder to be petted.  And Amy is going to love to be someone's lap cat.  She adores being paid attention to.   Also Kim of Blue Ridge Siberians has a blue point girl who is available, and she is BEAUTIFUL.

I believe Akimi can be mated next month. So there will be a 9 week gestation period and then 10 weeks before kittens are ready to go home.  I'll keep you posted on if she is really ready , or if I think she needs to rest a little more.  But she's already been in heat and seems ready now, but I won't let her go too early.

In the meantime, would someone please turn the heater off outside?  It is soooo hot in Culpeper, Va. right now, and no end in sight to the heatwave.So from Cherished Siberians  I am saying so long until tomorrow, when I hope to have all the new pictures up for you.

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