Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kitten Review

Hello,  Cherished Siberians is gearing into normalcy.  I have 3 kittens left here.  Tigger is going to Boston, Mass. on Wednesday.  And "Delilah" is the new name of the kitten going home on Aug 1. And I am keeping Hoko for my new breeder, so she will grow up with me.

Remember all 4 of Akimi's kittens?  They have loving homes now.  The little color point is now "Delilah" who will go home soon.

And Maliha's 3.  They were almost the first to go to new homes.  They are well loved. They were when they were here too.  I still miss the gray girl whose new name is "Penny".  (smile)

And here's an early one of Gracie's 5.  She had the biggest litter.  She is such a great mommy.  Gracie has the most beautiful jade green eyes.
And this was Hoko in April, she is the one I am keeping, one of Gracie's kittens.  She will be my new breeder when she gets old enough.  She will be a good mommy like her mother before her.  

So now, the house is quieter, a lot cleaner and getting back to normal. (smile)  And I miss the play and the pitter patter and hissing and mewing from all the babies, but I should be doing it all over again around December or early January when new babies will be available.  Akimi will be having her last litter with me and then she will be someones pampered pet after I retire her.  She deserves a wonderful home with some parents who will spoil her rotten. (she already is ).

So with this little review I will close for today.  From Culpeper, Va. and Cherished Siberians, Have a great day and see you next blog.

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