Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Pictures of Past Babies from their new homes

I am playing "pillow".
Best Buds.

I am the computer....What do you want to know?
"Excuse me?  This isn't edible. "

Yes, I am Fluffy.
All tuckered out.
I have that 'sinking' feeling.

This is DREAMER,  but this was too cute not to stick in here with your photos. (Smile)
I don't think it is just a Siberian traight, but they DO seem to LOVE sleeping stretched out on their backs.
Just part of the display.
OK....JUST KIDDING.  These are not my kitties.  But those are my friends with the big kitties.
Hope these candid shots hold you over until the next litter arrives.  Hopefully sometime in the next 8 weeks.  If your pictures didn't make this post, I can try to post them another "My Cats Who Have Gone Home" post.
It is so rewarding to see my babies growing up in such loving and warm homes.  Thank you all for the updates.
Enjoy while we await new litters.  Hope this was fun for you.
Doreene Richmond 
Cherished Siberians 
Unionville, Va.