Friday, December 21, 2018


Hello,  Today is a happy day and a sad day.  I have no more kittens to offer for about 4 more months.  ANDY found his forever home today.  And my last kitten in HOKO's litter has a forever home too.  So everybody is spoken for.  Many happy pictures have come my way.

If you are still interested in kittens ABIGAIL is probably pregnant and I will keep you informed on the blog.

Have a great day. And thank you for visiting my blog.

Doreene Richmond
Cherished Siberians

Friday, December 7, 2018


    Good Morning from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  I have one kitten left in HOKO's litter.  A little girl with white paws.  A Blue Lynx Point.  All my babies from the other litters have found their homes and gone with their families. 
     HOKO's will be going home this week end.  And one lone girl remains. She is outgoing and bold. Playful and sweet, loves to be picked up and loved on and put down to chase laser lights or feather wands with bells.  And is so cute to watch fall asleep and nap for a while.

Here she is, the little girl with white on her nose.  She is with her sister who is spoken for.

She is so adorable.  And you can see her coloring on her ears.  As she gets older the lynxing, or stripes in her face,  will become more evident.
She will keep her blue eyes her whole life.

So let me know by phone or e-mail if you want this last December baby.

My only hope for a next litter is if ABIGAIL is pregnant now.  So 9 weeks til babies are born and then 10 weeks for the babies to be old enough to leave Mom.

So until later, thank you for watching the Cherished Siberian site.

Monday, December 3, 2018

HONEY'S litter ... all found homes now

HONEY's Kittens have all found homes and are gone to their families now.  Lark was the last one to find a home, but he now resides in the Carolinas.
   And his pictures tall me he is living it up and loving his family.

HOKO's Kittens

HOKO's Kittens mostly have homes to go to in a week to 10 days from now. 

This is HOKO.  She has 5 kittens with me right now.  4 Have homes already.

These little guys are rough and roudy and fun, fun, fun.  They are sweet and friendly and happy little ones.  They purr and just melt your heart.

This is the only one left available in HOKO's litter.  A Seal Lynx Point with White, girl.  She has the typical cream color of a Colorpoint and brown on her ears and tail and a little later her lynxing in her face will come through.  As Colorpoints do, she will keep her blue eyes her whole life.

For fun here are her brothers and sisters. Remember, these are already spoken for....

There were a total of 5 kittens, but these were just some fun, cute pictues of them all.

Have a great day from Cherished Siberians.  Culpeper, Va.

DREAMER's kittens


This is DREAMER and she has one little girl kitten still available.  Her name is Sherry.  There are a couple of people asking about her now, but nothing solidified as of yet.

Sherry is a Blue Lynx Point with White.  She has blue on her ears and tail and will get more lynxing in her face in a few more months.  She is fun loving and playful and will cuddle and purr.  She is fully litter trained and has had her shots and her Vet exam.

    All her brothers and sisters have gone home already.  So she would really love a family of her own as well.

     Please contact Doreene Richmond  at Cherished Siberians or  540-727-8950. 

Monday, November 19, 2018

HONEY's little LARK

HONEY'S last kitten LARK has a home now.  So all 5 of HONEY's kittens are spoken for and off in their new homes.  Pictures sent back ensure that they are well loved and are happy and healthy.

ALL of these kittens are now gone to their homes.  These pictures were just to show you HONEY's litter one last time.  LARK will definitely be missed by me.  He curled up on me all the time purring away, while I watched TV in the livingroom.  (smile)

DREAMER's Litter

Hello From Culpeper, VA. 
     Cherished Siberians' DREAMER had 3 kittens.  2 have homes all ready.  Which leaves Sherry. 

Here's a picture of DREAMER with her 3 young ones.

This is TINA and she has a home already.

This is DIMITRIE and he has a home already.

And this is SHERRY.  Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I think I remember someone interested in SHERRY, but I do not have a deposit on her, so she is still available.  If someone remembers talking to me about her and is still interested please contact me soon.  Or if you are newly interested please contact me at 540-727-8950 or email at


AND A FEW OF DAD>.  LARION TALISMAN UDACHI (GARRETH)  TICA wouldn't let me change his my Garreth's official name has to go on all the official paperwork, but in parenthasis is my boy GARRETH's name in my household.  (smile)\

So I hope someone who has a dream of a little girl running around and keeping them company will consider SHERRY and giving her all the love she deserves.

BYE for now from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, VA.
Stay warm and dry and especially safe (i.e. the ice storm and all the rain we've been getting.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Heeeeere's ANDY

Here's Andy in a picture post.  He is marvelous.

I don't know why these pictures look like they are in black and white.  On my phone they have full color.  But on the blog,, almost no color at all.  Andy is gray and white. With a pink nose.
And he is ready to go  to his forever home right now.  Please contact me at 540-727-8950 today.