Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Here is my beautiful boy GARRETH,  He is sweet, lovable and VERY vocal.  He just loves to be with me all the time if he could.  And he purrs the second you touch him.Those amazing blue eyes are just electric.     He is a very good boy.  And he is a very good breeder too.

This is Maliha,  I hope she is now pregnant.  She was with Garreth a few weeks ago. Time will tell if she will have kittens soon.I am thinking this may be Maliha's final litter.  She is 6 years old now and ready to retire from having kittens and litters to tend to.  But I kept two of her kittens from her litter with Joey from last year.   And these two girls will soon be ready to carry on Maliha's legacy. (smile)

Meet HONEY,  Maliha's daughter and my soon to be new breeder.

And this is ABIGAIL.  Maliha's other daughter from the same litter.  She will also be one of my new breeders.
These two girls can mate with GARRETH and have beautiful litters.

My next blog will introduce you to the two girls HOKO had last year DREAMER and SOPHIA who will be two new breeders as well.  They were also Joey's babies, so they will do well with GARRETH for beautiful litters of babies to come.