Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hoko's Kittens All Gone

   Hello.  Hoko's kittens have homes and I kept 2 so that I would have new breeders come 2018. 
I am hoping that Kassandra is pregnant now.  And she would be delivering in about 7 weeks if she is.
Whenever I can get Maliha pregnant again, I will need to keep 2 of her girls too.  So that I will have breeders a year or so after they are  born.  The male cat I have been using for my breeder male, Blue Ridge Joey, will be retiring in a few more months.  So I needed to have kittens from Hoko and Joey and from Maliha and Joey, so that the girls I keep from these two girls  will be able to mate with the boy I just got from Russia.   His name is Garreth and he is quite the beautiful boy.  And soooooo affectionate.  Maliha and Hoko can mate with Garreth because they are not related at all. 
   Unfortunately this is probably Kassandra's last litter, because she is too closely related to Garreth to mate with him.  And Joey will be retired, so I will have to retire Kassandra as well.  But then she will have a loving forever home.  And she is still very young.  She will have a long and happy life.
     Maliha is getting to be at an age where I will need to consider retiring her before too long as well.  But I believe I am going to home her here with me.  We have a special bond.  And she loves me too much. (smile)
     Hoko still has a few more years to work for me and as soon as she is about 5 years old I will retire her too.  Being that Siberians can live 15-20 years, she will still have a long,  happy, forever home to be a great companion to her new family when the time comes.
    Thank you for reading my blog and keeping up with news here.  I am running behind on pictures and blog entries because I had gotten that respiratory infection illness that was going around and I was down and out for 3 weeks.  That was one nasty illness and everyone I was talking to had gotten it as well.  It must have been quite an epidemic.  I'm glad I'm over it now.  It was rough.  
     Bye bye to Hoko's babies now, they have loving families and I was really happy with the ones who took these little ones home.  I just wish the one boy really had been a girl because that family wanted a girl so badly.  I hope I can have one for them soon. They seem like a loving family too.
     Thank you all , from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va,    keep coming back for pictures and updates and coming attractions. lol.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hoko's Babies at 5 Weeks

 These are Hoko's five babies.  They are about 4 1/2 to 5 weeks old now.   Above is the Black Tabby Girl.   A curious, playful and bouncy, jouncy girl.

 This is the Blue Tabby girl.  She is sweet and loves to be cuddled.  She is playful and cautious.  But blossoming every day.

 And this is the Blue Lynx Point girl.  A big girl, and fluffy.  She eats well and plays well and loves her siblings.

This is the Blue Tabby Boy.  He is outgoing and is the first to come out to me when I enter the room.  He loves to get in my lap and crawl right up to the crook of my arm to sit there.  He loves to be petted and played with.  He is a rambunctious rascal.

 And this is the other Blue Tabby Boy, although the lighting where I took this picture is very orangy.  He really is grey in his coat. ( smile)  He is sweet and cute and I call him "Opie" after Opie Taylor from the Andy Griffith show.





 Just some extra pictures of the babies.  Hope you enjoy them.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

2 male kittens still available

Good Morning to all, from Culpeper, Va.

You're not going to believe this, but another identity crisis arose.  The Colorpoint boy turned out to be a girl.  I have missed one in a litter before, but this is a first that I mistook two in one litter.  But she is now adopted as well.

So, that being said there are two little boys  A Blue Tabby boy, and.........A Blue Tabby boy,

 who are still looking for homes. They are 3 weeks old now,  a little more.  But BIG and healthy kittens.

                                                                               I am such a cutie bug.

                    And I am just as precious as can be.

Who will adopt me............................or me?

I will love you and cuddle and snuggle with you, whoever you might be.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hoko has had her Babies

Hoko delivered her babies on Oct.7, 2016.   And I couldn't get pictures to be recognized by my electronic devices again.  I have the worst problems with electronics........ok, off on a tangent I go....sorry.
    Hoko had 5 big beautiful babies, and she is doing very well herself.

 This is my Little
Colorpoint   girl.

 This little Blue Tabby girl is already adopted and being looked forward to joining their family.

 My Black Tabby girl is going to stay right here with me in my home as a Cherished Siberian kitty.  She is going to be a very useful girl one day.   And play, play, play until then.

This Blue Tabby boy is a curious guy and a strong big Siberian boy.
 He is adorable.

This Blue Tabby girl is a cutie pie, and she has a sweet personality.   OOOOPPs, as sometimes happens, this little one is a  BOY,   not a girl, afterall.  Sorry for the mistake.{ updated Oct. 24th}

Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va. is going to be a busy play place in just a couple of weeks when these little ones start getting out into the living room and playing with balls, strings, and feather wands.  They are still nursing now.  And will be probably trying to eat wet foods in about 3-4 weeks more.
So to recap, I actually have 3 girls, taken already.  And 2 boys who are available for adoption now.

     So enjoy these pictures until they get a little older and I can post new pictures.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kassie's kittens.

Hello.  I just needed to inform all, that Kassie's kittens do all 3 have homes.  They seem to be warm, friendly families who are eager to give loving homes to these little babies.  I have some names of you who want to be on the list for the next litter that comes to Cherished Siberians.  And I  promise I will contact you as soon as that happens. 
    Thank you all for being interested in Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  And thank goodness the weather is finally changing a bit on the cooler side from what we've been having.  The nights are really cool and nice now.  Have a lovely day.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Kassie's Litter Pictures

Kassie is seen here with her 3 little ones.  The darker one against her chest is the Blue Tabby boy.  
He is currently available.

The lighter one in front with the white down her chest is the Blue Torbie girl.  She has been adopted.
The Colorpoint is a girl.  She has her forever home as well.
Kassie loves her kittens.  She looks contented doesn't she?  These little ones are walking all over the place now.
The 3 sleeping beauties.
These  two  girls  are  spoken  for.  Aren't  they  adorable?!!
This little boy is interested in finding a home soon.  He is cuddled up with mommy's tail.
Torbie girl.   Cuddling up with mommy.

Rolling around the floor and playing tag and having fun.  Blue Tabby boy and Colorpoint girl.
Colorpoint girl.

Two girls in a box.
Just the cutest picture ever.  This girl knows she's cute.
I cannot even tell you what all has been going on this month.  I am having ISSUES  here in Culpeper, Va.  And the heat is the least of my problems.  (smile)   I fell and broke my ankle.  THEN  I got hit with an infection in my sinuses and glands and the Dr. put me on bedrest for about 4 days.  Believe me, I didn't feel like moving anyway.  But I am feeling better, and hope to be out of the cast in another 3-4 weeks.   But enough about me....sorry the pictures took so long to get here.  I know there were many of you eagerly awaiting them and wondering what in the world was taking so long.
     The mom and babies are doing well.  They have learned to climb out of their birthing box and have taken complete control of the living room area.  They are eating wet canned food and their tummies are getting really fat after that.  Hahaha.   They are so cute with food all over their little mouths.  And I love watching them lick their paws clean when they finish eating.
     I have only one kitten who is not spoken for at the moment.  The most outgoing kitten in the litter.  The Blue Tabby boy.  He is the first to run and greet me when I walk in the room and they all 3 run out to greet people as they come in to see them.  Kassie is a really good mother.  And her love of people has really rubbed off on all her babies.  They are so friendly and sweet.
     So if you have been waiting for a little boy to love and cuddle, please contact me about this great little guy.
     Thank you for being so patient and loyal to keep checking until I could get something on this blog for you.   Have a lovely day today.   Hope your day is PURRRRRFECT  as always.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Kassandra's 1st Litter Has Been Born

Good Day to Everybody,
     Kassie's first ever litter has been born.  She had 3.  2 girls and 1 boy.  One Colorpoint girl, and a Blue Tabby girl and a Black Tabby boy.
     So, of course, I am trying to reach everybody on my waiting list first, but then if they fizzle out, I will be posting them online to find adoptive parents for these fine youngsters.

This little boy has been adopted.  He is no longer available.  Hoko's boy has a home.
     On the other hand, One of Hoko's kittens a Blue Tabby boy, who had to come back because the girl's boyfriend was so allergic, even to the Siberian Breed, they had to bring him back.  They really did not want to give him up.  And he is sweet, friendly, purrs easily, playful and an all around good joe. (smile)  If you have room in your heart and home for a kitten about 16 weeks old. Please call me soon.  He won't be here long, that's for sure.  He is WONDERFUL.  ADOPTED.

This is the Blue Tabby boy, has found his home.   Call Cherished Siberians at 540-727-8950, or contact info on the website.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day and stay cool.  Whew hasn't it been HOT the last few days?!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hoko's kittens all have homes

Good morning  one and all.  It feels glorios this morning doesn't it ?  Not too hot, not too cold.  I'm just lazing here soaking up the beauty of it all.
     But today I can say that all the kittens have forever homes now.  And that is beautiful too. Names are pouring in and peple are getting excited to pick up their little bundles on or soon after the 8th.
    But don't despair....Kassie is pregnant!!.
She is my new girl. And I hope for beautiful kittens from her as well.
    Enjoy this wonderous day!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Two Of Hoko's Kittens Available

A change in kittens who are still available.  One kitten was returned to the available list and the Black/Brown Tabby boy is not available any longer.

    The Blue Lynx Point girl is now available once again. 

As well as the Blue Tabby boy, who is still available.

So if you are interested or WERE interested in a Blue Lynx Point girl and she wasn't available then, please contact me again, because she has been traded for a different kitten.  She is available now.

     Thank you for being interested in Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  We thrive on your interest.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Focus on Hoko's Litter of 6

Hello, Maliha's litter of 5 have all gone home now, so it is time to focus on Hoko's litter and give these little guys' parents pictures and updates.
    Some of the photos are fuzzy in areas, but I found a focal point so cute I just wanted to share it.  I am so definitely NOT a professional photographer.......sorry. 

 Here is how I feed all 6 at one time.  A party chip and dip dish with 6 sections.  They all have their own bowl and their own portions.  That does not mean to say that once they have finished theirs they don't jump to someone else's section to finish off their brother or sisters' portion.  (smile)  Kids will be kids.   You have to be quick with that many siblings.

 This is the Black Tabby.  His parents will be glad to see him a little more in focus, he is so active, I thought he really was a blur.  But once in a while I get a good clear picture and prove myself   wrong.

 This is the little Black/Brown Tabby girl.  She is sweet and cuddly.  She is a good team player too.  She jumps in there with the best of them.   hahaha

 Black Tabby again.  Still a little blurry.

 It;s hard to tell with the lighting this morning, (my bulbs blew out in the living room and I didn't get the ladder out to replace them right away.)   But to the left is the Blue Tabby boy (still available) and the Black/Brown Tabby girl is in the back and the Black/Brown Tabby boy is in the front (still available).
 Black/Brown Tabby girl.  I cropped her out of a picture of active and blurry siblings. She looks so sweet staring up at a toy I was waving.

 Both Black/Brown Tabby kittens. Girl in back.

 Little girl, Blue Lynx Point.  Blue eyes and alert.  She has a wonderful home to go to.  Someone who got a kitten from me last year.  Now they will have playmates always.  She really fell in love with this little girl at first sight.  (smile)

 Black/ Brown Tabby boy.  He is a fine specimen of a Siberian Boy.  Nice large, strong head and shoulders, round eyes, round features, ears spaced well apart.  So nicely put together, I wish I could keep him for my next breeder boy, but he'd be related to all my girls, so that won't do.  But what a wonderful boy he is.  And he is still available.  I have to admit, I didn't put him out there as strongly.  But he does need a loving home.

 Play time. 
 Whoops, where did it go???  2 of them see it.

 Black/Brown Tabby girl with Blue Tabby boy laying down.

 Black/Brown Tabby girl.

Black/Brown Tabby girl, Blue Lynx Point boy.

 Play time.    Black/Brown Tabby boy with Black Tabby (top picture)  And Black Tabby, Blue Tabby and Blue Lynx Point girl. (bottom)


 Black/Brown Tabby boy (different lighting)

 Black/Brown Tabby girl

 Blue Lynx Point girl.
 Black Tabby Boy.  Me holding him up.

Blue Lynx Point girl.  Me holding her up.

    There is so much to do before they go home now.  They need their vaccinations and a wellness visit to the Vet.  And they still have a little more time before they go home on June 10th or there abouts.
     Hope you enjoyed our little focus group.  (smile)


Hope you enjoyed our time together.......until next time, this is Doreene Richmond, With Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.    Have a great day.