Friday, December 4, 2020

DREAMER's Kittens Are Going Home

    DREAMER's kittens are gearing up to go home.   Six little kittens.  All ADOPTED and ready to be picked up by their new families.  Their take home date is the 10th of December.  They have grown well and played hard and gone to the Vet and all are doing great.

So much to do to get them ready to go. Contracts and Agreement papers and Vets records and Health packet . Samples of foods and a toy or special gift to the adoption families.  All goes home with my babies.  

Here are some fun photos of DREAMER's litter.  All are ADOPTED.

As  you can see I still have to put up "walls" over the insulation, but I didn't want to scare all the babies with loud noises from putting them up and will do so when all the babies go home and the Mommies can be put somewhere more calm while the walls get into place.

Well, I have been trying for over an hour and the tons of pictures I wanted to share will not place onto the blog.  I don't know why. Everytime they do an "update" it seems to destroy my ability to do things with pictures on my blog.  I am sorry.  These will have to suffice for now.

Please enjoy and hopefully I can figure out what the last update changed, so that I can too.

Have a lovely, fabulous day from Unionville, Va. at Cherished Siberians Cattery.

Doreene Richmond

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020


Good morning all.  DREAMER had 6 babies and all 6 have homes now.  I had quite the time going through the waiting list for all three litters to find homes for them.  And after eventually getting up to 103 on the waiting list and sifting through those who could not adopt at this time and finding homes for each litter in turn, factoring in those who still want to be put on the waiting list each day there are still about 38 on the list for next years' kittens.   

 SO, That being said, let's take a look at some pictures I hope have turned out well enough to see what these little guys look like.

This is my Blue Lynx Point girl.  ADOPTED by I. B.

This is my Sealpoint boy with the dark paws.  Cute blue eyes.  Sweet boy.  ADOPTED by M. &D. E.

This is my Blue Lynx Point boy. ADOPTED byM & D. E.

This is the Sealpoint w/White boy. ADOPTED by  A.M.

This is my Blue Lynx Point W/White boy.   ADOPTED by J.N.'s Dad.

And this is the last of the 3 dark nosed little ones and this one also has white paws, and as always with Colorpoints, they will keep their blue eyes their whole lives. 

This little guy is ADOPTED by KWS.

MORE FUN PHOTOS.   Can you spot your baby?

Well, I hope you enjoy all the baby pictures and this will keep you until I can get more pictures.  Some are blurry, but at least give you some idea of their play and growth and how big they are getting.  December 10th is just around the corner.

IN the meantime, I am awaiting ABIGAIL to go into heat so she can visit GARRETH soon. If and when she gets pregnant we should have kittens early next year and then 10 weeks after that they would go home.

Have a wonderful day and keep your masks on and be safe and healthy.

Doreene Richmond 

Cherished Siberians

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