Monday, February 21, 2022


 DREAMER has had 4 kittens.  ALL girls.  One has been adopted.  I've been calling and messaging ones on my waiting list already, so keep a listen out for when I contact you.  Also HONEY should be delivering in a couple of weeks.  Here are pictures I have been able to get of the girls so far.


It was evening time when I took these pictures, but DREAMER was being so good about me being around that I took advantage of any photo opp.  All four are girls and they are thriving and happy.  I am touching them all I can,  so I have begun the socializing process.  I want happy, loving, friendly kittens for you.

These were the pictures shortly after being born.  Poor Mommy looks tired. But after the first one was born all the rest came within  a 2 hour period of time.  Now they are almost triple the birth size in just a few days.  They were born FEBRUARY 16, 2022.  And their take home date is APRIL 27, 2022.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.   More to come as they grow.

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