Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Pictures of Past Kittens that their Moms and Dads have Shared With Me

Not too many words in this blog, just pictures sent to me of my past kittens, growing and grown in their forever homes.

I threw in  two beautiful pictures of Garreth from when we still lived in Culpeper.  He is the best.

So this ends this entry of Kittens Gone Home.  I hope you enjoyed their pictures as much as I do when you send them to me.  So much fun to catch up with my old buddies. (smile)

Kittens hopefully available in March!!!!

Cherished Siberians
Unionville, Va.

Toby needs a Home

Hello to everybody who has a big heart and ability to take care of a special needs cat.
Seems like Toby has developed Diabetes.  He is fine, he just needs two injections of Vetsulin a day. It is not expensive and lasts for 3-4 months of treatments.
     Anybody who has been to my house has more than likely been introduced to Toby.  My first breeder boy from back when I first began.  He has been neutered and is just my pet now.  But I feel like he needs more love and attention than I am able to give at this point and I want him to have a loving , caring, wonderful home.  And I am willing to give him to someone who can fit that bill for him.  Toby is loving, outgoing, wants to be in your lap, follows you  from room to room and greets you at the door. He is gentle and sweet.  And I feel bad that I don't have all the time in the world, which he deserves.
   Please contact me if you would have extra love to give to my precious Toby.  Please contact Doreene Richmond at 540-445-0630.

Move Successful

     Hello everybody!!!
    Well, we are completely moved out of Culpeper now.  The Kitty Cabins are all set up on the new property, and everybody seems to be settling in really well.  All the girls seem to like their new "digs".  And I make sure that I spend time with each one daily.  I still want them to be socialized and friendly and just who they have always been.
     Garreth has his own Kitty Cabin, of course, the same one he has had since he came to the U.S.  And he seems to really love it.  He does miss his "catio" which let him go outside, but there are still things I am working on.  We certainly aren't fully moved in or settled yet.    
     There is good kitten news on the horizon. ABIGAIL seems to be pregnant and she should deliver about March 11th.  And HONEY seems to be pregnant, and if so, she will deliver somewhere about March 25th.
     The other two I am waiting for a few more weeks to say for sure if their "date" with Garreth went well.
     For those expecting their paperwork after sending proof of spay or neuter, thank you so much for your patience and thoughtfulness during the stressful time of moving.  I DO know where my files are, but getting to everything day by day is still not back to normal yet. I am either working on getting paperwork TO  TICA for them to send my litter registrations to me, or I have the paperwork and need to get them into mailing status for you.  Please be assured, I have not forgotten you.
     A huge problem with the move at present is that Verizon seems to have pulled their services out of our neighborhood for some reason.  Only those who had it were "grandfathered" in, which leaves us in the lurch.  IF Verizon does not resume service in the month of March we will be looking into alternative methods of reconnecting ourselves to the internet system.  I am at Starbucks right now, which is hugely inconvenient for blogging or doing other Siberian necessary work I could usually do even if I woke up in the middle of the night. (smile)  So, again, thank you for bearing with us!





It comes to my attention, I need an updated, good picture of ABIGAIL.  I will have to take some new ones soon.

      I have a new telephone number for Cherished Siberians as well, as they would not let me keep the old number since we are in a totally different area.  The address has changed on the WEBSITE, but my daughter has yet to change the phone number for me.  Getting together with two totally different schedules is problematic enough without having to go out to a place that has internet accessibility for me too.   Anyway, please call 540-445-0630 for Cherished Siberians.

     Have a lovely day to you from Cherished Siberians in Unionville, Va.!!!!