Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gracie's Kittens Are Here!

It was two anxious days after the due date, but on April 22, my siberian breeder Gracie gave birth to five beautiful, healthy kittens; 4 boys and 1 girl.  The birth went well.  Within four hours, she had all five kittens.

Gracie with her first kitten, probably a male Blue Point:


And here are some pictures of her complete litter:

All-in-all it looks like we may have 1 Blue Point Male, 1 Blue Point Female, 1 Flame Point Male, and 2 Red Tabby Males.  We'll know for sure on the colors in two to three weeks.

It's been an exciting few days, and early next week we will have even more excitement with the birth of Akimi's litter.

Keep checking in!  I will be posting every couple of days with more pictures, videos and updates on how they are doing.

The kittens will be available for sale in approximately 10 weeks.  Contact me to reserve your kitten, set up an allergy testing session, or ask any questions.

And check out my official website,, for pricing and information on my Culpeper, Virginia cattery.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Today is Friday, April 19th.  It looks like we're gearing up for a storm here in Culpeper.  I wonder how much of Virginia will be hit.  But most importantly, it is the due date of my Siberian cat, Gracie.  Of course, we all know what happens with due dates, but here I sit with her in her room.  She has gotten into the birthing box, which I made all by myself.  I was proud of my first attempt with making a wooden box with a cut out area so the female can get in and feel safe to birth their kittens.

She is now out of the box, laying on the cool wood floor. Her big belly bulging as she lays on her side.  Poor girl.  I'll feel as happy as she when the event finally starts unfolding.  For now, I will indulge in a little blog writing to amuse myself until she feels the pangs.  I hope it'll be today and not wait until tomorrow, but there is no way of telling in these things.

Akimi is getting fuller and rounder too.  She will be due next weekend.  And right now she is in the hallway with Toby looking over a plastic bag from my daughter's  purchases earlier today.  They are investigating it with all the interest of two scientists on the verge of an important discovery.

Maliha is also doing well.  She has the last litter that is due a few weeks after Akimi.  She has never had a litter yet, so she will be my scary episode.  I always worry worst when it's a first litter.

For now, back to Gracie and sitting with her until her blessed event starts.

As soon as the Gracie's kittens are born, I will be posting pictures here and on Cherished Siberians.  My pricing and FAQ information can all be found.there.  If you have any questions, please contact me at, or leave a comment below.  And if you would like to set up an allergy test, contact me for an appointment.

Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15th

Today is a pretty but rainy day in Culpeper.  As usual, I woke up to 3 of my cats on my bed and in my bedroom.  The one drinking water was being extremely loud today, for some reason.  It was Maliha.  The girl who we thought was sterile, she has been thirstier than usual now that she is 4 1/2 weeks pregnant also.  So my little girl can have kittens after all.  That's wonderful because she is so beautiful and she is bred with Joey from Blue Ridge Siberians and they are going to have the most  beautiful kittens.  Maliha likes to sit next to me on the couch whenever I am doing anything.  She is clingy and loving.

     And Akimi is being feisty and confrontational to Gracie who is sweet and unassuming because Gracie is the newest girl in my menagerie. And Akimi wants to be top cat of all the females.  One day, I hope, they will all be friends.  It may happen, because they all live in the same house.  Right now Gracie has her own room so she can feel safe and secure.  Especially since she will be having the first litter of kittens. Due on April 19th.  Look at her poor ole swollen belly.

And Akimi is right behind her by one week.  Look at her poor belly.

This is her favorite chair, in the hallway, she is in it most of the night when she isn't on my bed, or during the day when she is guarding the hallway from Gracie.  (smile)

  I am eagerly awaiting my kittens' arrival, the first on the 19th of April.  For more information  go to    More in a few days.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Meet Our Breeders!

The exciting news is that all three of my female cats are pregnant!  So kittens will be available soon.

Until then, I will be documenting my cats' progress, and updating with news of the births, pictures of the new kittens, and more information on when they will be available.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the kittens, please contact me.  You can respond in the comments with an email address, email me, or go to for a phone number and other contact information. 

Have a question?  Use any of the above methods to contact me, and I will answer any questions you have.

For now, let's meet our breeders:

This is Gracie, our newest breeder.

Gracie is due on April 19th.

Gracie is the sweetest cat you can imagine.  She loves to be around people, loves to be petted and is playful.  She also has those beautiful green eyes.  If the picture seems a little blurry, it is because she is such an active cat and while there's something interesting afoot, she doesn't want to sit still.  However, if you sit in the same room, she'll jump right into your lap, and settle in for a long cuddle.

Gracie has had litters before, and she is a wonderful mother.

She is bred with Niko, a male Siberian from Blue Ridge Siberians.

This is Akimi
Akimi is due April 26th.

Akimi is a purr machine.  She loves to be held, cuddled and petted, but sometimes just walking in her direction will start her purring.  She is a confident, assertive cat - a bit of a prima donna - but she is also a cat full of love.

Akimi has had one litter of kittens, and has proven to be a great mother with gorgeous kittens.

Akimi is bred with Joey, a male Siberian from Blue Ridge Siberians.

This is Maliha.
Maliha is due May 6th.

Maliha is a playful cat.  She would play all day, if you could spare the time.  She is a discerning little girl, but gives her affection freely.  She is quieter than Gracie and Akimi, and will curl up beside you and sit with you for hours.  Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but she has some great qualities to teach her kittens.

This will be Maliha's first litter.

Maliha is also bred with Joey.

Welcome to Cherished Siberians!

My name is Doreene.  I am a breeder of Siberian Cats from Culpeper, Virginia.

Siberian Cats, also known as Siberian Forest Cats or Moscow Semi-Longhaired Cats, are a beautiful pedigreed breed of cat.  Though they are not 100% hypoallergenic (no cat is), they are very low allergen.  Many people who are allergic to cats are able to live comfortably with this low-allergen breed.

How do we know they are low allergen?

In their saliva, cats have a protein known as Fel d 1.  This protein is responsible for causing an allergic reaction in humans.  When the cat cleans itself, it coats its hair and skin with this protein and when the dander or hair comes in contact with someone who is sensitive, it causes the allergic reaction.

So we test all of our breeder cats for their Fel d 1 levels.  The lower the Fel d 1 level, the more likely their kittens will be a low enough allergen that it won't cause a reaction.

My own daughter is highly allergic to cats and has an immediate asthmatic response to any cat with normal allergen levels.  Yet I am able to keep all four of my breeders in the house with her, and she is fine.

That said, each person reacts differently to these cats.  That's why, before you buy, I can arrange for you to come and spend time with the breeder cats or kittens.  (For people who are out-of-state and don't wish to make the trip twice, a package is sent that can help to determine if you are allergic or not.)  In addition, if you do buy a kitten and find out you are allergic, you have ten days to return the kitten and receive a refund.

Their personalities are really wonderful.  They are easy to get along with.  They are friendly, sweet, intelligent and playful.  While each cat has his or her own personality quirks (some are more shy than others, for instance), they all seem to retain their love of play far past their kitten years.  They are gentle.  They are great jumpers, and love to cuddle.  They really are a wonderful breed.

Their home life here is great.  Each day I spend time with each cat and kitten, stroking them, talking to them and playing with them, to keep them socialized.  They are fed organic food (a sample of which goes home with every kitten).  They have plenty of room to run and play and  I make sure they have toys that are both fun and stimulate their minds.

For more information on these cats, and my policies for purchasing, see my website: