Saturday, April 13, 2013

Welcome to Cherished Siberians!

My name is Doreene.  I am a breeder of Siberian Cats from Culpeper, Virginia.

Siberian Cats, also known as Siberian Forest Cats or Moscow Semi-Longhaired Cats, are a beautiful pedigreed breed of cat.  Though they are not 100% hypoallergenic (no cat is), they are very low allergen.  Many people who are allergic to cats are able to live comfortably with this low-allergen breed.

How do we know they are low allergen?

In their saliva, cats have a protein known as Fel d 1.  This protein is responsible for causing an allergic reaction in humans.  When the cat cleans itself, it coats its hair and skin with this protein and when the dander or hair comes in contact with someone who is sensitive, it causes the allergic reaction.

So we test all of our breeder cats for their Fel d 1 levels.  The lower the Fel d 1 level, the more likely their kittens will be a low enough allergen that it won't cause a reaction.

My own daughter is highly allergic to cats and has an immediate asthmatic response to any cat with normal allergen levels.  Yet I am able to keep all four of my breeders in the house with her, and she is fine.

That said, each person reacts differently to these cats.  That's why, before you buy, I can arrange for you to come and spend time with the breeder cats or kittens.  (For people who are out-of-state and don't wish to make the trip twice, a package is sent that can help to determine if you are allergic or not.)  In addition, if you do buy a kitten and find out you are allergic, you have ten days to return the kitten and receive a refund.

Their personalities are really wonderful.  They are easy to get along with.  They are friendly, sweet, intelligent and playful.  While each cat has his or her own personality quirks (some are more shy than others, for instance), they all seem to retain their love of play far past their kitten years.  They are gentle.  They are great jumpers, and love to cuddle.  They really are a wonderful breed.

Their home life here is great.  Each day I spend time with each cat and kitten, stroking them, talking to them and playing with them, to keep them socialized.  They are fed organic food (a sample of which goes home with every kitten).  They have plenty of room to run and play and  I make sure they have toys that are both fun and stimulate their minds.

For more information on these cats, and my policies for purchasing, see my website:

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