Thursday, March 28, 2019

ABIGAIL's Kittens

 ABIGAIL'S babies are here.

     Here is the promised blog on ABIGAIL's babies.  She and the little ones are doing fine.

Here is ABIGAIL.  She was one of two who were my only hopefuls for getting kittens of color.  And she gave us only one and HONEY gave us two.  Let's take a peek.

 Here is one with white paws and white under the belly.   And surrounded by the four Colorpoints.
The Blue with White is a girl.

 The four Colorpoints are two female, and two male, and little boy blue is a female.

 As you can see the markings on her face are adorable.  And two of the Colorpoints are a bit darker than the front two.  And there are areas of white on the Colorpoints as well.  I have a feeling these guys are going to grow up to be stunning beauties.

  A huddle of cutie babies.

Another view of the Blue with White's face.  She truly is a cutie pie.

And happy and contented ABIGAIL.  So many babies now and still expecting HOKO's this Saturday.
I will have a house full of happy feet.  They should be out of the boxes and starting to explore and walk about in about 3-4 weeks and at 10 weeks they will be able to  come home with you and start their forever journey with loving homes and
 families. (sigh)  For now my heart is full. Yay.
     Thank you for checking Cherished Siberian's blog and making your hopeful choices now.  I will let you know when the waiting list is fulfilled and which babies will still be available to the next ones who call or text.
     From Culpeper, VA. have a wonderful warm week ahead.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

HONEY's Kittens

 This is HONEY, and with her are her 5 new members of our family.

 This is a first view of all 5 of the kittens with HONEY.  The darker Colorpoint on the left is a girl.
The next one is a boy, he is a little larger than the others.
The next one is  a Blue Tabby with White girl.
The next one is a Colorpoint boy .
And the next one is a Blue with White boy.

 Pretty much the same picture, but scanned wider to include the girl Colorpoint to the left of them.

 Hee Hee... two Colorpoints and a scuttlebutt. (the solid Blue with White.)

 Here are all 5 again.  Maybe hard to distinguish all of them there.  But I don't want to touch them too much or overwhelm HONEY too much either.   So far she is being very tolerant of my picture taking.

    Here is a good picture of the Blue with White and the Coorpoints.

      The paragraph below was supposed to have come first before the pictures, I don't know why it ended up at the bottom, but I am just going to go with it.  haha.  So thank you for seeing my blog and wanting my beautiful babies and considering Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  It is indeed a good (albeit an exhausting) day.

    Hello all you who are looking for your next little one,  HONEY had her kittens yesterday.  Five babies to share and show.  Here are the first look pictures for you.  I know I have about 7 or 8 on my wait list and I must defer to them each in turn, but ABIGAIL also had kittens this morning starting at 12:58 am until almost 3 am.  I am exhausted, but I am sure , so are the girls.  And I will do ABIGAIL's blog next.
    Stay tuned.  I need to get some pictures of Abigail's litter.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

HONEY and Kittens

WELL......I know everybody is wondering, but HONEY still has not delivered her kittens.   I did some research and saw that a cat can go up to 72 days at times before birth.  Typically, it is 65 days, which is where I calculated to.  So , in the meantime I am still sleeping on the couch and sticking close by HONEY to be there at the birthing.  I have been able to get many things done around the house and also pick back up on old loved hobbies I haven't done in quite a while. Sewing, crocheting, card making, writing letters and getting a deeper clean done in the household, not a hobby, but beneficial for sure.
     So, we have a few more days before a new due date is reached.  She is chill and relaxed. Not under any duress at all, so she is just taking her sweet time about it.  I am beginning to wonder if HOKO will deliver first. Haha.  She is due on the 30th, according to the 65 day gestation.  So, please hang on a little longer your beloved pet is due to arrive soon.  I have around 10 on my wait list now, which shouldn't be an issue with 2 cats delivering so close to each other.   But keep your requests coming in because ABIGAIL is pregnant now.  More on her later.

    In the meantime, here are some fun pictures I can share with you. Some are mine now, but some are from customers who said I can share their pictures on my blog.  These are my babies in their new homes.

OK, now remember these are just fun, nostalgic pictures and I don't have any cats or kittens ready for homes at this moment.  And as soon as HONEY delivers I will tell you the happy news.

  BYE for now from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Kittens Are Nearly Here

   It is finally supposed to be a lovely day outside.  Warm and looks like no sign of rain.  Wow, what WILL we do???

   My next litter is due to deliver on or about the 16th of March, that is just around the corner.  (That's also the title to a song I know) lol.
    HONEY is the mom and she is healthy and looking really full with kittens and she is restless today, I wonder if that is an indication she may deliver early. I will probably be sleeping in the living room closer to her and her birthing box for the next week until she delivers, just to be sure I am there.

    So if anyone is wanting to make sure they may get a kitten in this litter, please contact me at Cherished Siberians or call at 540-727-8950.

    Also, please, please.....this is my home and not a business establishment, I cannot just have people "come to see my animals" at any time.  These are my pets, my babies, my family (furry though they may be).  I got some strange phone calls lately with messages left that were, I felt, completely inappropriate.    If you would like allergy testing, a date and time must be prearranged, otherwise I may not even be home.  And, no, I don't generally have ones just drop by to see my cats, like I said these are my pets and this is in my home.  Would you accept visitors to "see" your children?  So, in it's proper place and for the right reasons ones do come to sit with one or two cats to check their allergy issues.  Even though Siberians are super low on the allergen levels, rarely, but it happens, that someone cannot tolerate even these wonderful cats.  And that is so sad to see them leave in tears knowing these were their last chance at a feline pet. It's heartbreaking to me too.  BUT I have to say 98%   of those who have tested their allergies with me , HAVE been able to adopt a baby.  And that makes my services so special to me. I love making people happy and their pet dreams come true.

     So HONEY is on the horizon for delivery very soon and I will post pictures when the happy event unfolds.  She is a very good mother, and she is really, really coming out of her shell too.  She doesn't act shy now at all.  But her kittens never were shy, she didn't teach them to be. So that is good.

    I am hoping we can get some classic colors for those of you who have asked.  HOKO and DREAMER mating with GARRETH.....we don't stand a chance, lol, they will have Colorpoints except on an rare occasions when a color from her past lines may show up.

     But we also have ABIGAIL who will give us classic colors as well.  So....well, she won't have kittens for a couple of months, but we will see what comes along.  Keep posted and pictures will ensue as kittens  and litters appear. I believe HOKO will be next to deliver after HONEY.  Here's to sleepless nights until the babies arrive.  yay, I mean ugh, I mean yay.

Doreene Richmond
Cherished Siberians
Culpeper, Va.

Sophia's Situation

Good morning everyone inCulpeper, Va. and beyond,

     I have great news about Sophia's situation.  She has found the most loving home and she went there yesterday and is doing amazingly well already.  She had really started overcoming her shyness and was more curious than shy, so curiosity won out and she melted the heart of her new mommy.  I have pictures back and she is doing SO good.

She is so cute.  I kcan't believe how much I miss her though.

So a very happy ending.......beginning for Sophia and her new home and new Mommy.  Who happens to be an accomplished "potter" and when I get a website for her items I will let you know. {smile}

     So good day and wonderful health to you all and hang on....Spring IS coming.