Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sophia's Situation

Good morning everyone inCulpeper, Va. and beyond,

     I have great news about Sophia's situation.  She has found the most loving home and she went there yesterday and is doing amazingly well already.  She had really started overcoming her shyness and was more curious than shy, so curiosity won out and she melted the heart of her new mommy.  I have pictures back and she is doing SO good.

She is so cute.  I kcan't believe how much I miss her though.

So a very happy ending.......beginning for Sophia and her new home and new Mommy.  Who happens to be an accomplished "potter" and when I get a website for her items I will let you know. {smile}

     So good day and wonderful health to you all and hang on....Spring IS coming.

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