Wednesday, March 27, 2019

HONEY's Kittens

 This is HONEY, and with her are her 5 new members of our family.

 This is a first view of all 5 of the kittens with HONEY.  The darker Colorpoint on the left is a girl.
The next one is a boy, he is a little larger than the others.
The next one is  a Blue Tabby with White girl.
The next one is a Colorpoint boy .
And the next one is a Blue with White boy.

 Pretty much the same picture, but scanned wider to include the girl Colorpoint to the left of them.

 Hee Hee... two Colorpoints and a scuttlebutt. (the solid Blue with White.)

 Here are all 5 again.  Maybe hard to distinguish all of them there.  But I don't want to touch them too much or overwhelm HONEY too much either.   So far she is being very tolerant of my picture taking.

    Here is a good picture of the Blue with White and the Coorpoints.

      The paragraph below was supposed to have come first before the pictures, I don't know why it ended up at the bottom, but I am just going to go with it.  haha.  So thank you for seeing my blog and wanting my beautiful babies and considering Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  It is indeed a good (albeit an exhausting) day.

    Hello all you who are looking for your next little one,  HONEY had her kittens yesterday.  Five babies to share and show.  Here are the first look pictures for you.  I know I have about 7 or 8 on my wait list and I must defer to them each in turn, but ABIGAIL also had kittens this morning starting at 12:58 am until almost 3 am.  I am exhausted, but I am sure , so are the girls.  And I will do ABIGAIL's blog next.
    Stay tuned.  I need to get some pictures of Abigail's litter.

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