Thursday, March 28, 2019

ABIGAIL's Kittens

 ABIGAIL'S babies are here.

     Here is the promised blog on ABIGAIL's babies.  She and the little ones are doing fine.

Here is ABIGAIL.  She was one of two who were my only hopefuls for getting kittens of color.  And she gave us only one and HONEY gave us two.  Let's take a peek.

 Here is one with white paws and white under the belly.   And surrounded by the four Colorpoints.
The Blue with White is a girl.

 The four Colorpoints are two female, and two male, and little boy blue is a female.

 As you can see the markings on her face are adorable.  And two of the Colorpoints are a bit darker than the front two.  And there are areas of white on the Colorpoints as well.  I have a feeling these guys are going to grow up to be stunning beauties.

  A huddle of cutie babies.

Another view of the Blue with White's face.  She truly is a cutie pie.

And happy and contented ABIGAIL.  So many babies now and still expecting HOKO's this Saturday.
I will have a house full of happy feet.  They should be out of the boxes and starting to explore and walk about in about 3-4 weeks and at 10 weeks they will be able to  come home with you and start their forever journey with loving homes and
 families. (sigh)  For now my heart is full. Yay.
     Thank you for checking Cherished Siberian's blog and making your hopeful choices now.  I will let you know when the waiting list is fulfilled and which babies will still be available to the next ones who call or text.
     From Culpeper, VA. have a wonderful warm week ahead.

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