Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hoko's Kittens All Gone

   Hello.  Hoko's kittens have homes and I kept 2 so that I would have new breeders come 2018. 
I am hoping that Kassandra is pregnant now.  And she would be delivering in about 7 weeks if she is.
Whenever I can get Maliha pregnant again, I will need to keep 2 of her girls too.  So that I will have breeders a year or so after they are  born.  The male cat I have been using for my breeder male, Blue Ridge Joey, will be retiring in a few more months.  So I needed to have kittens from Hoko and Joey and from Maliha and Joey, so that the girls I keep from these two girls  will be able to mate with the boy I just got from Russia.   His name is Garreth and he is quite the beautiful boy.  And soooooo affectionate.  Maliha and Hoko can mate with Garreth because they are not related at all. 
   Unfortunately this is probably Kassandra's last litter, because she is too closely related to Garreth to mate with him.  And Joey will be retired, so I will have to retire Kassandra as well.  But then she will have a loving forever home.  And she is still very young.  She will have a long and happy life.
     Maliha is getting to be at an age where I will need to consider retiring her before too long as well.  But I believe I am going to home her here with me.  We have a special bond.  And she loves me too much. (smile)
     Hoko still has a few more years to work for me and as soon as she is about 5 years old I will retire her too.  Being that Siberians can live 15-20 years, she will still have a long,  happy, forever home to be a great companion to her new family when the time comes.
    Thank you for reading my blog and keeping up with news here.  I am running behind on pictures and blog entries because I had gotten that respiratory infection illness that was going around and I was down and out for 3 weeks.  That was one nasty illness and everyone I was talking to had gotten it as well.  It must have been quite an epidemic.  I'm glad I'm over it now.  It was rough.  
     Bye bye to Hoko's babies now, they have loving families and I was really happy with the ones who took these little ones home.  I just wish the one boy really had been a girl because that family wanted a girl so badly.  I hope I can have one for them soon. They seem like a loving family too.
     Thank you all , from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va,    keep coming back for pictures and updates and coming attractions. lol.