Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15th

Today is a pretty but rainy day in Culpeper.  As usual, I woke up to 3 of my cats on my bed and in my bedroom.  The one drinking water was being extremely loud today, for some reason.  It was Maliha.  The girl who we thought was sterile, she has been thirstier than usual now that she is 4 1/2 weeks pregnant also.  So my little girl can have kittens after all.  That's wonderful because she is so beautiful and she is bred with Joey from Blue Ridge Siberians and they are going to have the most  beautiful kittens.  Maliha likes to sit next to me on the couch whenever I am doing anything.  She is clingy and loving.

     And Akimi is being feisty and confrontational to Gracie who is sweet and unassuming because Gracie is the newest girl in my menagerie. And Akimi wants to be top cat of all the females.  One day, I hope, they will all be friends.  It may happen, because they all live in the same house.  Right now Gracie has her own room so she can feel safe and secure.  Especially since she will be having the first litter of kittens. Due on April 19th.  Look at her poor ole swollen belly.

And Akimi is right behind her by one week.  Look at her poor belly.

This is her favorite chair, in the hallway, she is in it most of the night when she isn't on my bed, or during the day when she is guarding the hallway from Gracie.  (smile)

  I am eagerly awaiting my kittens' arrival, the first on the 19th of April.  For more information  go to    More in a few days.

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