Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Saying goodbye is such sweet sorrow.....

Ok, where have I been?  Cherished Siberians has been very busy (trying) to keep things clean with 11 kittens and 4 adults in the house.  And getting their shots and health matters current. And I took 11 kittens to the vet for their wellness check , all at the same time.  That was fun.  The Drs. and Nurses were cooing and loving all the little kittens.  Everyone checked out very healthy and happy. All their paperwork is in order for them to be taken home.

And my blue point boy Iitchi (eetchee) went home with his new family today.  He is such a darling little boy, I know they are going to love love love him.  And tomorrow my blue lynx point little girl is going to get a new family.  And Saturday the little red tabby Pete (I call him Henry) is going to have his new home too.   So my babies are flying out of here.  All three of Maliha's kittens are sold, but they are young yet and have a few more weeks before they can fly the coop.

So  Tigger is still available.  He is so adorable.

And Akimi's litter.  The black boy and the black girl and the blue mackeral  male are 
still available.
Ami, Davonta and Cecil

ok, from Culpepr, Va,flooding and rainy, I sign off for tonight and am going to
get some much needed sleep.  

Talk to you soon.

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