Monday, December 9, 2013

Hello from Culpeper, Va.  It is one huge ice cube outside.  Ice is hanging from the trees, lines and wires outside and we had a huge explosion and a car wreck out front of our house this morning. (I think the ice got to a transformer) The neighbor was fine, his car slipped out on the ice.  Hope your day started off warm and fuzzy.
     SADLY,  Gracie was not pregnant after all.  And my next hopeful is Maliha, who is presenting with all the emotional and fatigue signs of being pregnant that she displayed her first litter.  So there is hope in her.  She would be due in 7 more weeks.
     HOWEVER, GOOD NEWS  for kittens is still present.  My associate, who taught me the ropes, Kim Capes at Blue Ridge Siberians has 15 kittens right now and you may contact her through her link or through me as well, but I'll just give you her contact information, so you could do that too.
     Looking back at pictures on my blog you can see Maliha's litter and the colorings that hers had.  If you wish to wait for one of hers, I do believe, that you will get mellow, fun loving, and beautiful kittens.  The customers who got her kittens sent many praises for their personalities and how much they loved them.   I have purchased Maliha as my own breeder now, so you'll have my full guarantee that you'll love them or bring them back in 10 days.  I still do allergy testing in my home if you wish (closer to her time of delivery or after) to come visit the cattery and test your allergies with the Siberian Breed.  I have 4 adult cats in my home now and (hopefully) kittens by Maliha soon.
    For those locally in the Northern Virginia region, stay in if you can at all, and stay safe with all the ice outside.  Fortunately between today and tomorrow it should all be melted away. We, at Cherished Siberians wish you well, warmth and safety until the thaw. (smile)  Have a great wintery day.

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