Monday, December 23, 2013

Hello today, from Culpeper, Va. And Cherished Siberians.   I am beginning to get a complex.  First, I thought Gracie was pregnant and she turned out not to be.  But didn't ever seem to go back into heat.  So no kittens there.  Then I thought, "That's ok, Maliha surely is pregnant." And she went back into heat this week.  So SHE is not having kittens.  Oh my, did anyone ever hear of someone who couldn't get CATS pregnant?  This is why I'm beginning to get a complex.  BUT I have both girls out with Joey and hopefully they will be in the family way soon.  But I won't even know until the end of January, now.   I was really hoping to have some kittens for you guys before the end of the year.  My girls are not cooperating.
    Good news on the horizon is, though, that my associate Kim Capes has 10 kittens left out of 15 and you may contact her via phone since her web site is down again.  Please call me or her about the kittens.  Mine is 540-727-8950 ; hers is 540-229-4251.  She has beautiful little ones and they are all doing very well.  If she forwards some pictures to me, I will post them.  Ok?  Til then, I guess, I'll just have to keep tabs on the girls and let you know if one or both are having kittens by the end of Feb., beginning of March.
     Hope you are all doing well and keeping in good health this time of year.  Bye for now.

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