Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cherished Siberians
This is "HOKO"  my newest breeder girl.  She is from Gracie's litter.  She is beautiful and as soft as a mink coat.  Just like her mom  Gracie.

Here she is , just chillin' on the couch arm next to a couch pillow.  Relaxed.

You know in breeding, we must test for many diseases and viruses and protect our cats, kittens and cattery from them.  One is the Feline  panleukopenia virus (FPV) which is cat distemper or feline enteritis. It is especially fatal in young kittens, but it can cause death at any age.  In very young kittens, the disease is often overwhelming; a kitten may appear normal one moment and become lethargic and limp a few hours later.  Within a few more hours, the infected kitten may be comatose or even dead.  In older cats, the symptoms usually include severe diarhhea, vomiting, and dehydration.
    A series of vaccinations against panleukopenia is recommended for all kittens, beginning by eight to ten weeks of age.  Annual boosters are essential.
    We do vaccinate our cats at our cattery here at Cherished Siberians.
We also vaccinate our kittens before they go home with their new parents.  and there will be more on other diseases and viruses that we protect against on future blogs. 
     Enjoy your day today.  Looks like Culpeper, Va. is clearing up to be a pleasant day. 

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