Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello, from Cherished Siberians, and Culpeper, Va.  It has been lazy and quiet among the cats in the house.
  Akimi has found an new home with very loving parents.  She is going for her spaying on Oct. 9th, so she can become a wonderful pet and she doesn't have to have more kittens, when she doesn't like being a mommy.
     Maliha, on the other hand LOVED being a mommy , as does Gracie, so I cannot wait for them to have their next sets of kittens.  Nature has to take its course and they have to go into heat, which during the winter slows down.  So I am anxiously waiting signs to get them with "Joey" from Blue Ridge Siberians.  He is my  Toby's brother - one litter removed.  And he is such a sweet boy.  I love, love, love this cat.  He is impressive to look at too.  I will get pictures when he comes over.
     Oh yes, I am getting a new outdoor area for the males to go into, so I will be taking care of Joey right here in Culpeper.  Thank you Kim, of Blue Ridge Siberians , for letting me care for the boys and helping me get the little house for them.
     Til another day, then, I will sign off for now.  And , yes I know, I need to get more pictures for you.  I'm on it!

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