Tuesday, February 16, 2021

COMMENTS Button Discovery

Ok folks, do you want to know how old I am???  How long have I been using this blog site?!!!?

I was just looking at a lot of things on the side bars and I saw the "comments" and clicked on it and I had 36 comments and questions from 2016 and on up.  Now , fortunately, I recognized a bunch of the names and you found me by calling the phone number on the blogspot, and most got their kittens from me.  But I must apologize to a few who must have thought it was impossible to contact me.  And boy do I feel old and stupid right now.

  Alright, if you can stop laughing long enough... I plan on checking out this "comment" section on a regular basis now that I have discovered it.   And those that felt snubbed or ignored....please forgive me.   As someone who contacted me about kittens said in her e-mail:  " I'm trainable".

   I haven't figured out how to respond using that section yet.  I've clicked on everything I can see there, but nothing lets me type a message back.  I'll keep playing with it and I'll ask my daughter.

Hope this cheered you up and made you feel smarter today (hahaahaa)

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield R

Unionville,Va. 22567


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  1. This is a funny post! And your kittens are beautiful. Laura Keohane