Friday, March 6, 2015

Something Fun

Here's something fun.  I have pictures from people who have gotten kittens from me and now they are growing up.  And they are beautiful.  So here are a few.  Hopefully more families will want to show their cats now after they have gotten bigger and more beautiful.  And you can see even more of my Breeders' babies. (smile)

We're waiting for our breakfast.  What is taking so long?
What?  You told me to stay OFF the couch??
Ok...I'll just nap on the bed then.                        
This is my best friend.  I love him soooooo much.
This is my look I give to get whatever I want.
Did I hear the can opener???

 PLEASE  remember,  all these cats are already in their forever homes.   These cats are NOT for sale.
They are already in the homes that love them.

 This one is MY Toby.  He is my "social director".  (haha)  He loves people and being the center of attention.   He is sitting on what is left of a  "tree" stand that fell apart the day after I bought it, but the wonderful store gave me half off what I bought it for so I could keep the house part for Toby.  And he loves it sooooo much.  It's funny.  And believe it or not , he curls himself up to fit inside that house area.  (smile)

 YES....They finally got up.  Now I can stretch out all over the bed.

 I want to curl up and I want to stretch out....this is my compromise.

 Yeah, thanks bud....can you grab me another beer?

 Wow, work fascinates us....we can sit and look at it for hours.

Yes, isn't it nice of me to let the humans sleep in MY bed?!

So ENJOY THE PICTURES.   And if you're surrounded by snow as we are....STAY INSIDE where it's SAFE and WARM.

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