Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Maliha's Three with Eyes Opened

 Hey Mom, Are you awake?...Mom,

  Hey Mom, are you awake?

 I want to tell you a secret.....are you up?
                                                         I am NOW, dear.

Since we're up we should check on all the kittens.

 Hello, babies 3.

 OOOH, time to stretch and move around and put on your cute faces.

Aww, sorry to wake you.  You look so sleepy.

First, time to eat.

Outta the way Buddy, I'm coming over.

Heeey, man,  don't be so pushy.

Whew...what just happened here?  Look at those two eating and I just got run over.
This turns out to be our only boy.  He is a Blue Tabby with White. And he still has a GREAT pair of lungs on him. (smile)

What a cutie pie.  And such a good boy.  Sweet and purrs when petted....already.

Our Blue Tabby girl .  Is quite alert and loves for me to talk to her.  She seems to love to be held.

Who could resist that face??

Little girl Colorpoint.  She is quick to come at the sound of my voice.

So cute and cuddly.

Such a lovebug already.  Who could ask for more?

 Back to the daily grind for 3 little kittens at Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.

 So goodbye til next time to our 2 little girls and our 1 little boy. They are growing and eating and starting to walk around a bit.  And they are sweet and social (already) So I will keep you posted.
IN THE MEANTIME......Dreamer and Sophia are getting closer to their due dates.  So before the month is out we will have more news for you.

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