Monday, October 5, 2020

HONEY's Kitten Pictures

 Good morning to all.  It got late last night and I just wanted to get one blog done before I retired to sleep.  So today I wanted to make sure Honey's kittens pictures were seen.  Also who adopted each one. (by initials only, of course.)  

This little Cream TabbyW/White wouldn't let me get good facial pictures of him on the little green couch, so I added these so you can actually see his little face.  His one side of his face is a little matted because he was just nursing.  Evidently he is a messy eater.  (Heehee)    He is adopted by K. G.

Our little Classic Brown/Black Torbie (aka Calico) girl is a big girl with big eyes.  And a sweet loving disposition.  She is adopted by R.& K. H.

Our second Cream Tabby is a real charmer.  He is fun and curious. He is adopted by H. J.

This little girl's coloring had me stumped as to what to call it, then I was with Garreth and it dawned on me she has the same colors that Garreth has.  So I looked up his registration forms and what his coloring is called.  It is Blue Tabby simple.  She will also (probably) have the lynxing (stripes) across her face as she grows up.  She is adopted by J. S.

The Colorpoint boy with the dark ears.  Is a dreamboat and outgoing and will climb up me to pet him when I am sitting on the floor. He stays on me most of the time. His purrs are so sweet.  They ALL purr when I touch them and pet them.  He is adopted by M.P.

The Flamepoint boy.  Has reddish coloring on his ears and tail and will grow up so gorgeous, I have been sent pictures of Flamepoints when their families want me to see how beautiful they are, and the Flamepoints always stand out as astonishingly beautiful in their coloring.  He is adopted by R. K.

    So those are the 6 babies.  Slated to go home November 14th, which is a Wednesday, and most people like a weekend for pick up.  So special arrangements can be made to accommodate that as well.  Just a phone call to discuss it will do. ( or e-mail).

     These guys are ready to start their wet foods now.  I maybe should have started sooner, as I have found one or two eating Mama's dry food!!!  It's fine though because the   "4-Health"  brand I use has an "All Stages" dry food, which is what I use. (Chicken flavor)  Smarty  pants litter.  I have also put down a few small boxes of litter through the room so they can start trying to learn to get litter trained.

More fun shots.

Enjoy your day.  And soon will be time for your babies to come home to stay.  So exciting.

Doreene Richmond

Cherished Siberians


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