Monday, October 19, 2020

HONEY's Babys all have homes. All ADOPTED.

HONEY's  little Calico girl.

One of HONEY's Cream Tabby boys.

Sometimes it's hard to tell the two of these apart.  But one does have a little more white in his face.

Second Cream Tabby boy.



This is the Flamepoint boy.

HONEY's  Bluepoint boy.

The Colorpoint girl.

So, just a few quick pictures so you can see your baby .  I will be getting better pictures in the next few days.   I was just SO busy with 19 kittens and the first 7 leaving; all the paperwork and gift bags to go and Vet. visits and vaccinations etc. to get them all ready to go home.  It is a big job.  So now I can concentrate harder on getting DREAMER's kittens blogged on too.  All the remaining 12 kittens are doing very well.

Have a safe and fantastic day...

Cherished Siberians

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville,Va. 22567


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