Saturday, September 18, 2021

DREAMER's Babies pictures.

 Here are a few pictures of DREAMER's babies.  At first I thought we had a couple of boys, but they all turned out to be girls.  They were all 3 adopted very quickly.  The next sets of kittens will more than likely start around Dec/January.  The girls will need a few months to rest and recouperate, possibly see the Vet if necessary and then we can move forward.  Healthy Mom kitties will make your babies healthy too.  So patience is the key.  

    Okay on to the pictures.  DREAMER is not too keen on sharing her little ones yet.

These are the newborn pictures.  They are about 3 days old here.

  No, I don't know which is who yet.  But their coloring will come in in the next 5 weeks.



AND  here they are with their cute little eyes opened.  They had their eyes open earlier than 9 days old!!! They are now 14 days old.  I took these pictures almost a week ago.

 So, as I said, these 3 have homes already and they will go home November 14th.

The next sets of kittens I will be finishing my waiting list starting in the middle of March, those who contacted me in March.  And then I will move on to the next month's contacts and so forth.  But I went through about 50 some odd phone calls and e-mails just to get 14 kittens adopted, so as you can see, sometimes it can get to you quickly.

Enjoy the pictures and I will be calling the rest of you through the next go around of kitten litters.  Stay tuned and please be patient.

Doreene Richmond

Cherished Siberians

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