Wednesday, September 8, 2021

ABIGAIL's Babies Eyes Are Open

    ABIGAIL's babies are doing well and she stays with them nearly 100 percent.  She is a very good mommy to her little ones.

A little Colorpoint boy. 

A Black W/ Whit Tabby Girl.

A Blue W White Girl.

A Blue W/ White Boy.  This one looks like he has bangs over one eye.

And the Blue w/ White Boy with the all white face.

I put them in the middle of a ball toy that, of course, they are too young to play with yet,  but it made for some easier-to-get shots, so I may have to try this again with newborn or tinier kittens. 

Two have been adopted, and I am still calling through my waiting list.  I am starting to go through my March contacts now.  I know everyone on the waiting list will not get a kitten this time around with my 3 Mommies,  but early next year they can be healthy enough to have kittens again.  If I keep my Mommies happy and healthy then you can be sure the babies will be much healthier and better for them and you.

Here are more of the shots I got of these little ones.   Enjoy.

All the sweet little ones in Abigail's litter.  They are doing well and are actually ahead of schedule opening their eyes early.  They are very sweet.

Enjoy your day today.  It should be a warm and mellow day.  Nicer for gardening and yardwork than when it was in the upper 90's!!!   I should go out for a walk today and keep my excercise up.  (smile)

Have a great day in what ever you do today.

Doreene Richmond

Cherished Siberians,

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville,VA. 22567


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