Tuesday, August 31, 2021


   It has been a few days now and I was able to get a few pictures of the newborns.
3 boys and 2 girls
Mommy in her box with her babies.

This little boy has a white face and a slash of coloring (looks like bangs) down to his eye.

This little boy has very similar markings and his face is all white.

This is our sweet Colorpoint boy.  I won't know for weeks which coloring (Blue,Cream,or Seal) he will be.

My little Black Tabby w/white girl.

And my Blue /white girl.
  That's all of them.   
Remember I am calling my waiting list.  There are not many to go around.   
     But DREAMER is expecting this week.  I thought it was next week, but I was wrong. (glad I checked)
    I'll try to get more pictures when their eyes open at 9 days old.  (No where near yet)
    Thank you for watching for the babies.
Cherished Siberians 
Doreene Richmond 
23292 Hawfield R
Unionville, VA.  22567

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