Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sophia's Litter of 2

Born on March 13th , Sophia's two kittens had a rough start in life.  Sophia didn't know what to do with the kittens and kinda left them on the floor in the middle of the livingroom floor when she had them.  So I tucked them under my shirt and kept them warm until she seemed to figure things out.

Her little black boy seems to have hints of white under his chin.  But mostly he looks solid black.

And he is a big hefty boy Siberian.  Good spacing of ears and nice mass to his head and shoulders.  Just what you want in a male Siberian.  Good round features.

And this is our beautiful girl with four white paws and white on her muzzle and face.  She is a Knock Out.  She is already adopted and is waiting eagerly to go home to her new Mommy.

Yum, she loves to eat and then clean her face.  I actually love to watch all the kittens wash their faces after eating.  It is so adorable to watch.

Too fuzzy a picture, but she was staring at something so intently as she was trying to figure it out, it was an interesting shot.  (haha)

And here she is as I hold her still long enough to try to get a better picture of her. She LOVES to be held and petted.
So thank you for being patient with my falling behind on pictures.  I am very busy caring for all these babies until they go home.  And I love holding them and playing with them too.
So enjoy our warmer days as summer finally arrives and the sun is smiling in he skies.
Cherished Siberians thanks you for looking in on the Blog and  loving my babies.

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