Thursday, May 31, 2018

UPDATE on Kitten Availability

Hello and Good Morning to all.  It is another rainy day in Culpeper.  It has caused flood warnings throughout the land.  (smile)  But so far.... still safe.

These are Hoko's six kittens.  There are some who are spoken for and some who would love a home soon.

I have one Blue Lynx Point boy with dark feet and tail and ears.  And he is spoken for.
I have one Blue Lynx Point girl with lighter feet, tail and ears. And she is spoken for.
I have one boy Blue Point with the nose tip that looks like a heart is on it and he is spoken for.
That means that I have...

A Blue Point boy with blue (grey) and white on his face and white socks on his feet....

And       A Blue Point boy  with half blue coloring on his nose and half white. White socks.

And , finally , a little girl with a pink nose and white socks.
These babies are ready to go home June 17th. And they are being scooped up quickly, so please call 540-727-8950 or contact me through .

NOW...If you want someone to love and take home TODAY... I have only one baby left from Dreamer's litter.  He is a little Blue Point boy and is sweet and ready to play.

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