Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kittens Available at Cherished Siberians Today

Good day Gentle Readers,
     How are you today?  The weather is warm and kind today.  And many have sent their deposits for their kitten choices and are so happy.  I am glad.  I will still show pictures of the litters, as they are just too cute not to share.  However here are the available kittens still:

Maliha's Black/white tabby boy
Maliha's flame point   boy
Gracie's blue tabby   boy
Gracie's cream tabby   boy

 These first four pictures are of Maliha's six kittens and Maliha herself.  They sure are getting bigger.  And she is still a very good mommy kitty.

     Maliha's kittens (except the colorpoint girl) have their eyes open now.  They are very shaky on their feet and vocal.  They still sleep a lot, but are they GROWING!!!

     So, hope you like the  new pictures and can see your baby that you have picked already.  Also look for the three that are still available. (smile)   Til next time.  Happy baby watching.

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