Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hello again from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  where the winter doesn't seem to want to end. (smile)  And I hear we're in for MORE snow next week.
    Well, indoors, the kittens are growing and staying warm and cozy.  I have 5 with deposits on them now, but I wanted to share all the baby pictures of  both the litters.  They are really growing.
Here is Maliha and her litter of 6

This one is the little girl colorpoint and she has a deposit on her.

This one is the calico girl, and she has a deposit on her.

This is the flame point boy.  And he is available.

This is the red boy.  He is awaiting a decision. keep posted.

Here is my sweet blue girl with white.  She has a deposit on her.

Here is the little black tabby boy.  I wanted to show his belly and his coloring.  He is available.

Here is two more of the colorpoint girl.  How did you get in there a second time??

OK, you girls are little divas aren't you?  Here are two more of the blue girl with white.

The flame point boy again.  Isn't he cute??  

So these were Maliha's litter. 

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