Saturday, March 28, 2020

HONEY had her kittens

HONEY has been a very busy girl for the last few days.  She has 6 kittens that she is keeping happy, warm and well fed. What a good Mama cat she is!

 Blue with white Female

 This Colorpoint female has been adopted.
 She is a nice sized Siberian kitten.

 This little girl is adopted.  What a cute face.

 This is a Blue with white Tabby. Female.

 This little girl looks so much like her sister, I am prpbably going to have a tough time telling them apart.
And this little girl....I need to get a face shot for you. But her coloring is very pretty.
    Such tiny , sweet, little ones.
   HONEY'S  are my last shot for kittens of color this time around. When Dreamer has her kittens they are most assuredly going to be Colorpoints, because she and Garreth are both Colorpoints.
    Please call Cherished Siberians  at 540-445-0630. Or write to to reserve your baby today.

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