Saturday, September 7, 2019

HONEY'S Kittens.

Good morning. I thought you would enjoy some updated pictures of HONEY's kittens.

This is a little girl. She is Blue w/ White.  So cute. She loves to be held and cuddled. She is AVAILABLE.

Babies with Mommy in birthing box.

This is a little boy.  He has only half a tail.  But he has so much beauty in his markings and coloring, he is going to grow up to be so special.  He is AVAILABLE.

This is a little girl.  She is a Colorpoint, but I don't see evidence yet of which, Sealpoint or Bluepoint.  She was sound asleep when I woke her up to get a photo shoot. (smile) She seems mellow and unbothered by things around her. 

 This little girl is a Bluepoint.  I do see darker coloring evident on her ears and tail.  She was sound asleep before I tried to take pictures of her.  So this sleepy-eyed little girl IS ADOPTED.  Isn't she adorble?!

This is a Blue w/ White Tabby girl.  She is ADOPTED.  She loves to look out of the box and watch as people are in the room and she cries to get attention. (smile)  She has wonderful coloring, white paws and white chest.  A bit of color around her muzzle. Sweet girl.

And this is our Colorpoint Boy.  He is strong.  And he could actually be a Flamepoint.  But if he is, his coloring is not clear enough to tell yet.  But wouldn't that be amazing???
He has been ADOPTED.

     All in all, the kittens are still too young to accurately determine personalities, but to a degree I think they are all pretty social.  They are all beautiful.

If there is an AVAILABLE kitten that you would like to make your own, please contact me at or call directly at 540-727-8950.

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