Saturday, May 1, 2021

ABIGAIL's Kittens before going home on May 8th.

 I have lots of pictures. Some with blurs, but I am showing them anyway.   The blurred kittens were the ones jumping and moving fast as I was playing with them with a play wand.

They were playing so hard, I was laughing at them a lot. But they sure took some great pictures.

I LOVE these two pictures...I just wish I could have gotten all six of them in these together.
   But I am super happy these just happened when they did.

Some of the shots are so cute and individualized and others show just how much fun they were having!!

my computer broke and I am doing this the first time on my tablet and I am afraid to touch the wrong things. I am not comfortable with this yet, so I am not doing anything fancy or cute with it, just getting it on the blog. Bear with me folks, I JUST paid my taxes...I cannot afford a new computer right now.  Ugh!!!

Even Mom is tired.

All Tuckered Out.  Sleep sweet kitties!!!

Love to all,
Cherished Siberian in Unionville, Va
23292 Hawfield Rd.

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