Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mable is now adopted.

GOOD MORNING.  It is so much more pleasant now that the temperature has dropped a bit with the cold front that moved through last night.    And with more pleasant weather comes more pleasant news.  The last little Blue Girl in Maliha's litter has found a loving home.  They named her Mable.  I love it when I can start calling them by their forever names.  So if you have a kitten on hold until the 1st week in October and know what you want your kitten to be named, contact me and let me know the name to start calling them.  I have to make up names to go to the vet anyway.  So they may as well know their names before you take them home.
       In other news, I DO believe Gracie IS pregnant and will deliver about the first week-end in October.   But I'll know for sure in the next few weeks and will keep you posted.
       Thanks for checking in and I'll post more pictures soon.  I know everyone's dying to see their babies again. (smile)
        So for today, have a great one and come back to Cherished Siberians in /Culpeper, Va site soon to see the new photos.         Bye For Now.

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