Saturday, November 2, 2019

November Allergy/ Visitation Day

          It is November.  How did that happen so fast?   First thing to mention is that in November, I will open my home to visitation of  your kitten and also scheduled  allergy visits on November 16th, from 1 - 5. If you need an allergy test for my Siberian kittens, just call and schedule a time to arrive with me.
          Also, all of HONEY's kittens have gone to their loving homes.

HOKO had 3 kittens 2 girls and one boy.  They all have homes.  They will be going home November 22nd.

          DREAMER has had HER kittens, she has 5.  2 boys and 3 girls.  They all have homes and will go home December 19th.  Don't ask me how all that happened when they never made it to the blog.  But sometimes it happens that way.  I really wanted to put all their pictures on here for everybody to see them, but apparently they did another stupid update and now I am not connected to my photo gallery.   I will have to wait until my daughter gets home from work to help me recover my usual way (of knowing how) to put my pictures on the blog.   Sorry.  I have some really cute pictures too.  I hope to show you soon.
     So what this means is that I am accruing a waiting list for the next litter or litters of kittens.  ABIGAIL does NOT seem to be pregnant and I haven't noticed her going into heat, so I am waiting on her now too.  But rest assured we will be having kittens next year as soon as my Mommies get rested up and healthy enough to have their next set.  ABIGAIL really should be next, but nature sometimes makes us wait.  It's ok, I'd rather they were healthy before they even try.
     All of you who have met my retired breeder boy TOBY and fallen in love with him;  I found out he has diabetes.  He is on insulin (vetulin) twice a day.  The good news is that a cat can actually go into remission from diabetes.   3 months from now should be telling whether he will or won't get over it.  Poor fellow, lost a lot of weight before I found out what was wrong with him. But he gets his medicine without a care.  He is such a wonderful cat and companion.  He still steals the hearts of all who come to the house and hold him and pet him.  He is going on 9 years old now. He is the best. (smile)
    Well, that's all the news for now, until I  can recover my pictures, I will close.  Hope everyone is staying warm, the cold came in fast.  Thank you for visiting Cherished Siberians, I am honored that you trust me with your dreams of having a pet.
       Sincerely,   Doreene Richmond  in Culpeper,  Va.

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